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Hmm, now, I wonder

Third, significant as this is in the short term it does not make housing any more affordable for most people. The urgent need for massive government intervention to create secure long-term tenancy of properties available to vastly more people is vital if this problem is to be solved.

How did we know that would be the response? Just because housing is getting cheaper doesn’t mean housing is getting cheaper therefore we still need my plan?

9 thoughts on “Hmm, now, I wonder”

  1. The admittedly pro CIA Samizdata website had a very good piece on this in relation to Ireland.

    I think the situation here is even worse than there. A combination of an attack on private landlords by this government (Widely supported) and increased ‘tenant rights’ mean the number of properties available to rent has dropped precipitously.

    It also takes no account of the massive increase in demand – driven largely (albeit not solely) by the boat people. And we know what Murphy’s opinion of anyone opposing such people is – ‘Neoliberal’ is the least of it. Those numerous fascists who think there should be restrictions on freedom of movement are the target of his unflinching ire.

  2. Me thinks there’s 3 bedrooms of a 4 bed terraced house in Ely could be advantageously sequestered for long term rental.

  3. Scandalously underoccupied.
    In the Serco scheme it would be a nice little earner, housing illegals.
    Guaranteed government money for five years.
    Himself he could take a room over a pub.

  4. Anybody who esposes freedom of movement and doesn’t remove the front door from their house is a neoliberal fascist.

  5. Wow, it’s amazing how someone can completely miss the point of a post. The author clearly stated that while short-term price drops are significant, it doesn’t address the root issue of unaffordable housing for most people. Asking how they knew this would be the response just shows a lack of understanding of the housing crisis. Do you have any better solutions to offer?

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