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I seriously love this

The confusion folk are getting themselves into over language and definitions

Actress called transphobic for condemning ‘abhorrent’ drag queen cabaret for parents and their babies
Amanda Abbington hit out at events which feature a man dancing in knee-high boots and a bondage harness and another performing in a thong

So, we’ve the old meaning of trannie – transvestite. The prop forward puts on a dress and lipstick and belts out Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Nowt wrong with that. Maybe not to everyone’s taste but nowt wrong with it – other people’s lives to do as they wish.

We’ve the new meaning of trannie. Prop forward puts on a dress and lipstick and is now actually a woman.

The declaration and all that – other people’s lives to do as they wish. The only question is whether this self-declaration works for absolutely everything or whether it’s a polite fiction that most of us will put up with for most of the time? So, cervix or prostate checks, sorry, reality intervenes there, can’t be done. You’d like a half M’am, not a pint? Sure, why not?

The interesting question becomes how far does that tolerant acceptance of the claim go? Not, in fact, a woman but one that will be treated for many to most purposes as one. But where’s that dividing line of not being so treated? Given the prostate/cervix thing there are obviously some, but how many? Which prison estate? Changing rooms? Does tackle or not tackle change these and so on and on.

OK, so we all know all of that.

And now here comes that linguistic problem. The drag queen stuff, that is prop forwards with lipstick not even claiming to be women. They’re playing dress up. That’s actually what the difference between a transvestite and transsexual is. But being anti transvestite is now being said to be transphobia. So, the claim is being made that transvestites and transsexuals are in fact the same thing. We’re not making that claim – because we don’t believe that to be true, not for a moment. But the woke and progressive here are making that claim. Being against the falsetto Judy Garland crew who all themselves claim to be male in dress up is the same as being against the tackleless who regard themselves as women.

See the corner they’ve backed themselves into here?

Unless we do make the distinction between transvestite and transsexual then we’re righteous enough in regarding all as trannies (old sense) right? Except, obviously, we’re not right in doing so, which is why the claims of transphobia about Judy Garlands is wrong.

Well, if we’re to use logic is this field that is.

13 thoughts on “I seriously love this”

  1. At what point in the future will drag queens be regarded as offensive to women in the way that blackface is now deemed beyond the pale (sic)? Or do we get to play pretend-hypersexualised women with impunity because of the patriarchy or summat?

    Also: at what point does this drag queen story hour become grooming? Nobody is doing this dressed up as my nan…

  2. drag queen cabaret for parents and their babies

    BLOND KID: The Sun in the meadow is summery warm…

  3. Hex, Kate over at Small Dead Animals refers to these stories with a tagline “Transgender is a stalking horse for the normalization of pedophilia”.

    And you echoed my thought – it ain’t women dressing up as blokes and cavorting sexually in front of kids.

  4. Wolfie – Noncery was always baked into the PIE. Deleting Section 28 was always intended to make it easier for grown men to fuck boys.

  5. The problem comes with “if we’re to use logic”… it’s a process of starting with self-righteous outrage and then finding something to blame it on.

  6. Holly played prop for Harlequins
    Sacked for sprinkling his shorts with sequins
    Plucked her eyebrows on Saturdays
    Shaved her legs and now plays for the dames

    She says “Hey babe
    Take a scrum on the Wild Side.”

  7. An oldie….
    Husband and wife on their wedding night.
    Bride says: “Darling, I have a confession, if I tell you will you still love me?”.
    Groom: “Of course I will, what is it?”.
    Bride: “I used to be a hooker….”
    Groom: “Don’t worry, I still love you”.
    Bride: “….for Leicester Tigers….”

    Still got the two meat and veg? You’re a bloke. Have them chopped off, you’re still a bloke, only a bloke without the two meat and veg.

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Well, they don’t seem to be doing anything that a classical liberal would not agree that consenting adults should be perfectly free to do in private. “Private” there including shows where the audience pays to get in, where one knows, or at least reasonably suspects, what one is letting oneself in for.

    It’s not a transexual, transvestite, or whatever, thing, it’s the taking of kids to erotic dancing shows.

    To further illustrate, kids watch transvestites (in both directions) in panto all the time, it’s a vital part of the fun.

    Of course, the classical liberal would prefer that parents were sufficiently aware to not take their young children to erotic dancing acts. Given that a large number are not so aware, what do we do?

  9. I was thinking of drawing the line with a nice sharp razor across the throat.

    But I’ll agree, Steve, that the Holy Inquisitor Lions should do the job.

  10. “Well, if we’re to use logic is this field that is”

    We’re no. We’ve not been using it for a decade. We’re using doublespeak. When gender and sex are the same thing when it’s necessary for them to be to increase power and they’re not the same thing when it’s necessary for them not to be to increase power.

    Because that is all this is – a power struggle. And people who want power have no use for logic except insofar as it advances their goals.

    Tim, don’t be fantasizing that when you’re hauled up in front of the tribunals that you’ll give an amazing statement using logic that will be recorded and in the far future after regime falls will be lauded by historians.

    You’ve already been tried and the verdict received, this will just be a sentencing hearing.

  11. Aladdin and Tripitaka are always played by women, Widow Twankey and the sisters of differently-looking attraction are always played by men. This is cultural warfare!

  12. Meanwhile.. Website dead, social media accounts dead, all planned shows cancelled.

    I call this a Good Thing.

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