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Idiot, idiot, politician

Rupert Murdoch has fuelled polarisation of society, Barack Obama says
Former US president tells Sydney audience that media coverage has helped exacerbate divisions and that we no longer have a ‘shared story’

Revealed, not fueled.

American media was a blandly one party state. Murdoch saw that and decided to chase the 30% of the country that is markedly more conservative than the median. Chase, not create.

If US media hadn’t been that bland one party state, if the unserved conservatives didn’t exist then Fox would not have succeeded.

11 thoughts on “Idiot, idiot, politician”

  1. American media was a blandly one party state.

    Yes, that’s what the light-stepping Kenyan was complaining about.

    Personally, I will never forgive Rupert Murdoch for bombing all those people in Libya.

  2. He’s so smoothly sly and superficially reasonable you have to at least admire the artistry involved.

    He acknowledges that US progressive media has become increasingly partisan, but only as a reaction to Fox. Nicely done, even if it’s nonsense. Tim has it entirely right, and it’s the other way around.

    The real danger in all this is that US politicians can now get a pretty free ride. Their home team will back them, and to pretty extraordinary lengths, and reports from the other side can be dismissed as propaganda.

    Our tabloids are much-maligned but they weed out Bidens and similar regardless of who’s side they’re on.

  3. 60-65% occupy a reality based world. Yes but the ones you think are not understanding reality are the right wingers not the ones who think a woman can have a penis and be as much a woman as one who just gave birth to twins.

  4. Idiot politician? No, no. He’s the one living in unimaginable luxury on the back of the division he is fomenting, while you scratch around writing stuff for peanuts.

  5. Barry was/is the ultimate polite race grifter.

    Got his free-ride to Ivy League.
    Made a Big Short-esque bet against Iraq war for political gain.

    Elected POTUS to prove how equal and not racist a country the US had become – remember all the ‘post-racism’ claptrap.

    Then revert to racebaiting type. US is more divided now because of racebaiting grifters, because enough AA believe the BS and enough whites are sick and tired of being called racist and told everything is our fault.

    Meanwhile he’ll soon be a billionaire, despite never having created any innovative product or service.

  6. And this will lead to more calls for limits on free speech because he’d claim that that conservative 30% was never really there but rather they were just poor fools swayed by that evil Murdoch. You do have to give Obama credit for being a very skilled flim flam artist.

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