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In one way this isn’t intelligence at all

Rather, it’s the removal of it from the process:

AI robots are better at picking organs for transplants than surgeons, say scientists
More than a £1m is to be invested in an algorithm in a move that could help hundreds more people get new kidneys and livers

Here’s the set of rules that make this work. Adding human decision making – intelligence – to the system lowers success rates from just following the rules. So, one way to think about this – just as fun d’ye see – is that this is removal of intelligence from the system.

4 thoughts on “In one way this isn’t intelligence at all”

  1. Well its rules based thus avoid potentially biased localised experience. As proven in 1974 by the Mycin expert system (ie a rules engine) beating a panel of experts on meningitis diagnosis and treatment recommendations. For similar reasons it tied with medical students. Enough data means that pattern based AI like neural networks could achieve the same results but you need to curate the data and monitor for bias.

  2. Ah, expert systems. So there were supposed to be all these Knowledge Engineers floating about, extracting the rules from documentation and what not.

    Next up, Prompt Engineers.

    Fuck me.

  3. Oh, no doubt the system is better at sorting out the matches.
    There’s a lot of factors involved, and it’s easy to miss/dismiss a seemingly “trivial” factor.
    Computers/algorythms are better than us in comparing/sorting stuff. This is why we use them, after all.

    But in the end all the thing produces is a shortlist that a soppy human goes over to determine “most deserving”.
    So being at the top of the list as “perfect match” still isn’t any guarantee you’ll get the organ.
    Might actually diminish your chances, since that soppy, sentimental human is highly likely to think it knows better than “some stupid machine”….

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