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In violation of Mr Townshend

Up the Organisation:

However, the Prison Officers’ Association (POA) said inexperienced officers had been exploited by “very experienced” offenders amid flaws in recruitment which meant that governors were not able to have face-to-face interviews to select their own staff. Instead, they were recruited centrally through assessment tests and Zoom interviews.

The recruitment department for any sector or section is the PA of the manager of that sector or section. Buggery to centralised hiring.

Of course, this means terfing out all the power skirts. But clearly that’s not going to happen. Except, well, the companies that do so will prosper in a way that those which don’t won’t.

The lesson from this is death to HR.

9 thoughts on “In violation of Mr Townshend”

  1. Maybe they should be legally obliged to serve a sentence of equal length to that of the man they were servicing.

    However psychologically most of the attraction is known to be for the real “bad boys”. Shoplifters probably wouldn’t even get a hand job.

    Alternately reassign the ladies to hands-on custodial duties for our ever-growing population of hirsute child refugees so that everyone involved would get what they wanted and the local girls might be at slightly lower risk. I think there’s a name for this sort of profession.

  2. Hey, remember the female prison guards on PORRIDGE?

    Me neither. Because people in the 70’s weren’t complete retards.

  3. Docbud… You should know by now that Fondling the Slab while Out With the Wife is a Frowning Offense..

    Next up is the Folding of the Arms, and if you’re unlucky the Tapping of the Feet…

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