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Thanks to innovation and technological decoupling, an average American today is more than twice as wealthy as an average American was the year The Population Bomb was published, yet generates 30 percent fewer carbon emissions and uses 50 percent less land for their diet.

Sounds like it’s more innovation and technological decoupling that is required then, eh? And what do we know about innovation? That it is capitalist and market societies which best drive it forward. So there’s our plan then…..

7 thoughts on “Interesting……”

  1. And as the article points out, population is due to peak and then decline.

    Thus innovation and technology will be needed to pamper oldies like me who don’t have any kids but expect to be kept in luxury as we selfishly insist that no, we’re not going to kick the bucket just yet.

  2. The Atlantic writing about Paul Ehrlich being interviewed by Michael Mann on 60 minutes.

    That sounds trustworthy.

  3. John @ 8.09, is there a collective noun for ‘experts’ who are wrong or lie on a consistent basis?

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