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Interesting idea

Of course, nothing is owed at all. Jamaica is vastly richer – and so are the people – than the West Africa which those people would be in without the effects of the slave trade. But still, interesting idea:

Instead, the reparations I want would be the total relief of all Jamaica’s debt to the UK

OK. So how much does the state of Jamaica owe to the government of the UK? Write that off and we’re done.

My suspicion would be that – except for perhaps some absurdly attractive concessional loans – there isn’t actually anything to write off.

Jamaicans to Brits, that’s another matter. But then so is it another matter about writing off private property, eh?

3 thoughts on “Interesting idea”

  1. We should reparate the native Jamaicans by repatriating all of their African colonisers.

    Liberia is lovely this time of year.

  2. Never mind Reparations or Repatriation. How about a hefty dose of good old Retribution against the present population of Benin (formerly the kingdom of Dahomey).

    After all it is an established fact that guilt for slave-trade involvement passes unsullied through many generations, or is that just for wypipo?

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