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Isn’t there a book about this?

Statues of “old white men” such as the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson could be hidden or destroyed to create the “right historical narrative”, according to Welsh government guidance.

A bloke whose job it is to rewrite all the old stuff so that it conforms to the modern narrative? The 38th day of the new razor blade, Victory Gin and all that?

14 thoughts on “Isn’t there a book about this?”

  1. It named Welsh explorer Henry Morton Stanley as among figures honoured with a statue who committed “crimes against black people”

    Man Bites Dog stories have always been popular, I suppose.

  2. There is no ‘right’ historical narrative. There is history – for better or for worse. Mind you this is coming from a nation whose historical national hero couldn’t be bothered to turn up and fight when it counted, it says it all.

  3. Makes all the jokes about Welsh Taliban seem eerily prescient. The real Taliban spent weeks blowing up and defacing treasures thousands of years old in order to create what they thought of as “the right historical narrative”. But of course they’re kinda dusky and Islamist so reasons……

  4. The ‘right’ historical narrative is that Napoleon was the brave precursor to Macron and was trying to establish a European Union and that Wellington (boo!) and Nelson (hiss!) were no more than wrong-thinking brexiteers ahead of their time, thus setting back the inevitable march of history by centuries. Napoleon’s escape from Elba in a small boat was a powerful metaphor for today’s anti-nazi groundswell of modern migration tendancy (mmt).

  5. I understand that when the national socialists took over India they did make a clean sweep of all those horrid statues the Brits had left behind.

    Now that the settlers have taken over the UK, they naturally intend to do the same.

  6. Once comment did amuse me:

    Historical statues that often glorify “powerful, older, able-bodied white men” may be “offensive” to a more diverse modern public, according to guidance which is expected to be finalised this month.

    Tell that to Admiral Lord Nelson.

  7. Wales is mostly a shithole. Some good stuff in the south, but outside of that anyone with half a brain leaves and never returns. Which means that you get a population of idiots.

  8. “Tell that to Admiral Lord Nelson.”

    Speaking of which, what would they about towns and villages named after people and events in the Napoleonic War? (Such as Nelson or Waterloo.)

    @BiW Nor from here.I normally go back for eye tests.

  9. Even if any of these “old white men” were terrible people, or committed genocide, why would anyone want to pretend they never existed? Wouldn’t it be wise to remember that they were not only here, but were also revered at one time? Anything short of that would be sugar-coating or forgetting any atrocities that did happen.

  10. Same here from the not quite as rainy west coast of Canada
    It is amusing how people earnestly ask how did you cope with all the rain when moving here

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