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Isn’t this great?

How? Some ideas for now:

By reducing interest rates to keep people in their homes, and pursuing policies that will keep those rates low.
By giving public sector employees the pay rises that they need so that they can truly help mothers without being riddled by anxiety themselves.
By building the housing we need and by addressing the insecurities in the existing rental sector: having a place to call home is vital.
By tackling low pay.
By changing the climate of fear that is used to attract every ‘other’ the government can swipe out at.
By looking at the supply of universal basic services and guaranteeing their supply on a not-for-profit basis.
By funding the NHS.
By changing the anti-benefits culture when it is creating gross injustice.

OK, pretty standard Spud.

And how is that paid for:

First, by doing it. Many of these policies have high multiplier effects and so they pay for themselves.
Second, from the massive productivity boost that will happen in a country free from insecurity.
Third, by money creation if need be: it cannot be inflationary in a country with the massive underemployment that exists in the UK where productivity caused by anxiety is so low.

And ain’t that a wondrous set of assertions? Government spending on government does not, in fact cost anything. Government spending will raise productivity (cough, cough) and finally, money printing can’t possibly cause inflation. Nope, no way. Inflation’s just an illusion.

Ah well, if the SNP does install him as economic Gaulieter then that arrival of the Bawbie is going to be swift, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Isn’t this great?”

  1. Eh? So people free from worry go off and work harder?
    Hasn’t he ever read about lottery winners who give up work?
    Has he ever met any of the human race?

  2. Hasn’t he ever read about lottery winners who give up work?

    Lottery winners tend to be driven mad by the sudden influx of money.

    Any similarity with Spud’s exposure to modern monetary theory is surely coincidental.

  3. So he writes three articles a day by doing them as listicles, which require no thought.

    Not too surprising.

    This is news to me because I’m not British and I don’t read the Grauniad.

  4. Presumably he has some some empirical evidence to support these assertions?

    Or is it turtles all the way down?

  5. He’s genuinely claiming that although we have near-record levels of employment, this somehow means people are actually underemployed because they’re worried about stuff? And he cites no data at all for this. It’s all about the feelz.

  6. I’ve inherited my parents’ house. It’s the only property I own, so I’m living there. For the moment. There’s already almost £200k secured on it from a loan they took out, which I can’t pay back. Reducing the amount that increases isn’t going to do a damned thing to keep me in the place I’ve called home for over fifty years.

    I thought I had a replacement lined up. Rental, but nearby, decent size, very reasonable rate for the area, and I know the landlord. Then his tenant decided, with about a fortnight’s notice, that he was staying put. Thanks to the “nice”, “fair” new tenancy laws Spud’s chums in the SNP enacted, the landlord doesn’t have a leg to stand on.* Nor do I. Buggered if I know where I’ll end up now. Hopefully the purchasers of my place will be understanding.

    Just stop monkeying with shit you clearly don’t understand, for Christ’s sake.

    *Basically, once you’re in, you’re in. You can’t even agree a fixed-term rental up here any more: they’re totally unenforceable.

  7. So what are Spud’s views on growth today, this minute? Just asking because the current Chancellor seems to want to abolish it

  8. Sam, sorry you’re in a fix.
    If it’s due to your parents doing one of these ‘Equity release’ things, there is going to be an increasing number of kids in the same boat when the ‘rents pass away, but if they needed the money to make their last days better, that’s just how it is….

    RM talks about low pay. What, the low pay caused by the unlimited supply of cheap EU labour that arrived here after 2004 and drove down / flatlined wages? That low pay?

    And the ‘gross injustice’ being visited upon those economic migrants refugees fleeing terror and oppression (France) which is costing us upwards of £9 million a day? That gross injustice?

    And, as a father, I object that he thinks it’s only mothers who should be supported by public sector employees……

  9. Sam Duncan

    ‘Just stop monkeying with shit you clearly don’t understand, for Christ’s sake.’

    Obviously you do realize that would mean an end to Murphy’s raison d’etre as he doesn’t understand a single thing?

    Sorry you are in a bind BTW. I do wish that people advocating this kind of thing had even the first idea about second order consequences – but they never do.

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