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Jeebus, at least try to understand numbers

There’s a famous statistic that says 41% of trans people have attempted suicide at some point in their life. It’s from a US study of trans people, and the number is often used online by anti-trans bigots urging us to “join the 41%”. There’s quite a lot of literature on this subject now, and if you do a literature review you’ll find that the numbers are pretty consistent: globally, 32% to 50% of trans people say they’ve attempted suicide at least once. The number of people with ideation, which is when you make plans but don’t go through with them, is higher still.

That’s much, much higher than in the wider population. Sticking with the US, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 4.3% of Americans said they had had suicidal thoughts in the previous year.

So. For the population as a whole, suicidal ideation affects 4.3%. For the trans population, more than 41%.

Dear God Carrie. You could at least try.

The trans number is lifetime. The cis number is previous 12 months. Now, humans tend to live 70 to 80 years……

16 thoughts on “Jeebus, at least try to understand numbers”

  1. We don’t want to die

    Stop doing things that shorten your life then.

    Here’s a clue. In the latest study of trans and non-binary youth in the US, the study found that people who underwent affirming healthcare – such as hormone therapy – had a lower rate of suicidal ideation than the wider population: just 3.5%.

    That’s me convinced. Off with the boobs and willies, kiddos! And say hello to cross sex hormones that’ll kill your organs and turn your skeleton to mush. Tranny Science has spoken. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But when trans people are supported, given the healthcare they need and the support they deserve, they get happier.

    The fact that they’re ridiculously, hilariously angry at random Mums and JK Rowling all the time is because you aren’t supporting them, bigots.

  2. Time for Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    In this case you may replace “man” by whatever you think fitting.

  3. SomeBlokeFromCambridge

    Carrie (sic)

    “I’m a transgender woman and my pronouns are she/her.”

    Ahh – I see. You’re fully in touch with reality then…

    PS: I’m The Emperor Napoleon and my pronouns are Your Imperial Majesty / His Imperial Majesty

  4. Maybe you’ve got your numbers wrong, Tim?
    4.3% x 70 years is more than 41%.

    Whatever. People who are unhappy with their looks, body, circumstances, family, job… are more likely to attempt suicide.

    Now here’s Gary with the sport.

  5. The interesting statistic here would be the suicide attempt rate before and after transition. That would tell the success of the surgery.

    Those numbers probably have been ruthlessly suppressed.

  6. Suicide ideation doesn’t assume that bullying caused it. The same way that we can’t assume greedy CEOs cause someone to be poor, or that McDonald’s commercials cause someone to be fat.

    Near 100% (few exceptions) of trans people, especially at younger ages, are experiencing confusion in their lives. If it isn’t confusion, then it’s another type of emotional instability, like poor self-image—what Jordan Peterson describes as being high in negative emotion. Yes, there are cases where people are alienated and driven to suicide, and you don’t even need to be trans for that to happen. But most trans people, by their nature, have deep identity issues before they’re ever mistreated for being trans.

    Dylan Mulvaney, the trans woman du jour in the U.S., was previously a typical gay guy cast in Book of Mormon on Broadway. He was already surrounded by people who were comfortable with LGBTQ individuals (otherwise, what were they doing on Broadway?). Much like other actors, such as Jussie Smollett, Will Smith or Jim Carrey, Dylan had an insecurity that he was unable to deal with or express outside of his theatrical mindset. Everything, for him, must be public and on display. The same way Will Smith needed to make his wife’s affair into a public spectacle, and made a television-friendly speech instead of leaving in shame after slapping Chris Rock.

    Maybe Dylan wasn’t getting paid enough, or he was getting turned down by every guy on Grindr for being too annoying, or he realized he doesn’t offer much to the world as an actor. Whatever it was, he needed a quick and cheap way to superficially show the world that he’s somebody special. He miraculously transitioned during the pandemic, after seeing TikToks of other people doing the same, and suddenly he was invited to the White House and recently to the Drew Barrymore show. The only thing sadder than his charade is the crash that will inevitably come when even his 12-year-old girl fans stop giving a shit.

    It’s the avoidance of adult responsibility and the delusional warped sense of happiness that cause the suicide ideation, not “anti-trans” sentiment. When people lie to themselves about who they are and what they need to work on, it’s no different than saying the opioids are taking away your pain.

    As a side note, it’s hypocritical that a guy who had no problem shitting all over Mormons is now telling people not to make fun of him.

  7. Thank you Dvd whatever that stands for or perhaps you just swiped your fingers across the keyboard. I like your high idea density writing. If you blog I’d like to follow.

  8. +1 for DVD’s comment.

    On this Dylan Mulvaney person, it looks like he’s still being an actor, only now he’s acting as a woman. I’m ok with theatrical (ie. gay) men playing dress-up. The problematic ones tend to be built like a prop forward and have strong opinions about stereotypically male interests like military history.

  9. @Southerner

    No blog, but in the early stages of building a new podcasting/live-streaming platform with a friend. We’ve registered the LLC, designed a logo and are roughly halfway toward completing the MVP.

    And no, not just another streaming platform. We’re incorporating features that I haven’t seen grouped together in any other product.

    Of course, anyone with further insight or connections would be a great help.

  10. Wonder if they looked at other factors like age as teens will likely have higher rates, they also may have the correlation wrong, troubled people try to commit suicide and trouble people also seize on trans as a solution to what they perceive are their problems

  11. What about the recent case of a First Nations trans person who transitioned and now believes they were misled/lied to and not given correct medical advice and has applied to the assisted death (MAID) program
    They also had a comment that it wouldn’t be the first time the medical system supported sterilisation of minorities which seemed an appropriate observation

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