Mark Wadsworth

Has died.

Good man, but then they always come for the good ones first.

15 thoughts on “Mark Wadsworth”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Sad. I interacted with him online quite a few years ago and met him once at either an ASI event or in the early days of LPUK and he really was a nice guy.

    Pancreatic cancer is a real bastard. When I was playing golf it was a Captain’s charity one year so we got to know a bit about it. I doubt much has changed, survival rates are very low because by the time it gets diagnosed it’s usually far too late.

  2. I used to contribute the odd post to his blog and we worked on a little calculator thing for his party. He used to drive me mad about “Young People’s Party”. “Mark, it’s a terrible name” but he wouldn’t budge haha. I feel sad remembering all our discussions.

  3. I used to read his blog daily and exchanged the odd message here and there. Drifted away over more recent years but would return now and again for a catch-up; last time, I’d wondered about the lack of posts from him; well done to Lola, Bayard and other contributors in keeping it going. A real shock to see this, this morning; and worse in some ways, the nature of the illness which took him. As Hopper says – an interesting thinker. He convinced me on LVT and I admired the determination (and the maths) with which he pursued climate change, global warming and other Project Fears of contemporary times. Oh, and cows. Cheers, Mark, you were much admired from here.

  4. My memory’s a bit vague for names, but I think it was he who used to turn up here in comments pretty reliably as the LVT prefect (like Mr Ben’s shopkeeper “as if by magic”), even when the original post wasn’t about land value tax. I often wondered whether he just scoured the interwebs generally for LVT mentions or if Tim gave him the nod when the subject arose. He never convinced me about socialising land ownership but it was certainly useful to have the arguments so clearly presented.

  5. @PJF Yup, that was Mark. He had a whole catalogue of arguments over at his place designed to debunk naysayers. Ultimately his solutions relied on tweaking to make it work. I had a bit of fun debating it with him about ten years back. In the end, we had to agree to disagree on that one.

  6. PJF/ LR

    That’s the chap. I remember the argument’s being put out on every post even if there was tangential or no relevance to LVT as a concept. He did however accept disagreement, unlike a truly ghastly commentator on Murphy’s blog, Carol Wilcox, a screeching harridan with all the social grace of a starved pack of hyenas. He’ll be missed most certainly.

  7. Yes, a really good man, put his heart into what he did, for a very long time, and fully committed. Even helped me put my tent up at St Pauls. But he did charge a few beers for it in Ye Olde London . Go well Wadsworth!

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