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Might well improve titles like Business Insider, yes

German publisher Axel Springer says journalists could be replaced by AI

Can’t make it worse after all

(BTW, variations on AI have been used for years already on the finance pages of newspapers. Those clips and squibs of company results for example….)

10 thoughts on “Might well improve titles like Business Insider, yes”

  1. Intelligence would be a start. It would have to be artificial I suppose as the flesh and blood variety does seem to be well down the road to extinction.

  2. Will people please stop referring to this stuff as AI? It has absolutely nothing to do with AI.

  3. dearieme said:
    “Yeah, and anyway AI means Artificial Insemination.”

    Sounds like a load of bull to me.

  4. Gunker
    It’s NOT artificial intelligence, unless you’re happy to change meanings.

    It’s stochastically trained pattern recognition, with the added twist that nobody knows the extent to which the training is effective.

  5. For years now, I could tell just by reading news articles that many of them were written via speech-to-text software.

    Not just based on the autocorrect-esque errors, but also the phonetic nature of the wrong words chosen.

  6. Correct BiT
    Their jargon doesn’t mean what they think it does. Where’s the sentience?

  7. No Gunker. That’s the IT community trying to sell us something that it isn’t. The concept of AI goes back a lot further than the IT tossers. And what would define AI. You want to borrow somebody else’s expressions & use them erroneously, expect to be laughed at.

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