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Missing the point

There’s life yet in the John Lewis model
Loyalty is an underrated business asset, which is why other companies might do well to extend the idea of employee ownership

Nothing wrong with employee ownership at all. It just has its advantages and disadvantages just like anything else in this life.

The disadvantage being no access to outside capital. Obviously, that’s also the point but there it is. If there are losses then they have to fall upon the workers – there ain’t anyone else around to carry them.

As long as we all understand that then super…….

7 thoughts on “Missing the point”

  1. Yeah, yeah. I learnt that lesson the hard. Loyalty to the company means that the management thinks you’re an idiot.

    Also the lie “our prople are our greatest asset.” Which they say right up until they sack you.

  2. I have to commend Dame Shazza, she seems on track to run John Lewis into the dirt in under five years. Bringing in a PE shark, whose record of value creation was pretty shaky even in the era of ultra low interest rates, is likely to be the killer move.

    Shazza likes to twat on about how keen she is on female empowerment, which must sound great to all the women she’s laid off since taking the reins. Also, she doesn’t seem much better at retaining senior female staff than she is at retaining blokes.

    The JLP board ought to be strung up for appointing a civil servant with no business experience to the top job.

  3. our prople are our greatest asset

    Albeit an asset that, in accounting terms, they impair in full every year.

  4. People like this really are know-nothing children. Other than the overpaid holiday camp that is the BBC, where has she worked?

    “Loyalty is an underrated business asset. Not personal loyalty but something cloudier, more tribal. You can despise your temporary line manager and still love the company: it is about pride, shared achievement and the emotional security of being a necessary cog in a fine big machine.”

    Almost no-one has loyalty to the “fine big machine”. People care about how much they earn, what they get to do, and the people they immediately work with. Anyone will tell you that their line manager is far more important than the multinational, and that when some utter cunt takes over running a team that lots of people leave.

  5. Using a light meter to assess a persons ability in a specific role is an interesting management tool.
    Hiring an ex civil servant is just asking for trouble.

  6. Intriguing that Sharon Chote is married to Robert Chote, who used to head up the OBR, world renowned as a massively incompetent organisation, whose forecasts ought to be greeted with derision but are instead drooled over by the BBC and Graun.

    In terms of couple status, they must rank with the Clintons and Markles

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