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Never happens, nope, never

Eleanor Williams jailed for eight and a half years for lying about being raped and groomed

That’s why we should always believe the victim. Their word, unsupported, is all we need. For no one ever does lie about having been raped for reasons of malice, stupidity or even regret now, do they?

10 thoughts on “Never happens, nope, never”

  1. Interesting that it appears it was only when she accused ‘Asian men’ that the police decided enough was enough, eh?

    Even plod might notice something is up when the “victim” is older than 13.

  2. “Interesting that it appears it was only when she accused ‘Asian men’ that the police decided enough was enough, eh?”

    And that the media only took any interest in the victims of such accusations when they weren’t white men. There have been articles plastered over the BBC website recently about the trauma the accused went through, I don’t recall that for any other case of such false accusation, when the victim(s) were just white men.

  3. I made that point to a ‘WEP’ (Women’s Equality Party) harpy over on Linkedin – if she had her way there would probably not even have been a trial and certainly not a trial by jury – the mere accusation would have been enough. And the point around the falsely accused being Asian is a very valid one.

    The various KCNA replica media like Huffpost and the BBC seem to have viewed this as discrediting the ‘Rape Gang’ cases rather than the feminist contention that there’s a wave a of unpunished sexual assaults out there.

  4. Over on the BBC , the stories headline is that “False rape claims have ’caused harm’ to survivors [of rape]”.

    No mention in the headline of the harm caused by those falsely accused

  5. At least two men had their lives ruined and were close to suicide because everyone believed the ‘victim.’ But, yeah, we should believe the ‘victim’ eh? Of course, this make it more difficult for real victims.

  6. What this story shows is that we should certainly believe the victim. In this case Eleanor’s victims. The difficulty is telling who is the victim from the allegation, which requires an investigation. We decide what to believe after the investigation – not before.

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