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Not as interesting a finding as it could be

Children from same-sex, non-binary and trans parents fare as well as and sometimes better than those from “traditional” families, research shows.

The study also found parents’ sexuality was not an important determinant in their child’s development.

The number of children in sexual minority families — with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender parents — has risen in recent years.

Researchers analysed 16 out of 34 studies carried out in countries where same-sex relationships were legally recognised, published between January 1989 and April last year in the BMJ Global Health journal. They compared the data with that for heterosexual parents and found that family outcomes were similar.

That lovely little idea of Elton John’s kid trembling in front of Pater as he says “Dad, I gotta tell you, I’m straight”

What would in fact be interesting to know – nature v nurture and all that – is what is the distribution of gay, hetero, non-binary (where that actually means something, rather than it being the younger generation’s manner of saying bugger off, not talking about it) among children in gay, hetero, non-binary and all that families?

Are there any differences – and yes, any difference would be an interesting insight – into the varied distributions?

The results of the other 18 studies showed that children in sexual minority parent families were less likely to expect to identify as straight when they grew up, compared with children in “traditional” families.

That doesn’t actually solve our nature v nuture question, does it? Although note the weasel there “expect to identify” rather than the more basic “Who you fucking?” To get at the n v n we’d need to look at any differences between genes and upbringing again…..

13 thoughts on “Not as interesting a finding as it could be”

  1. I wonder how the wealth distribution curve pans out.

    It’d be interesting to see what their life opportunities are like.

  2. Bloke in Bloke Dorset

    Does any seriously believe that if the results had shown anything other than what the researchers were looking for the study would have been published?

  3. BiND – see also: racist AI in the Netherlands.

    Comrade Lysenko is correct, it’s the data that is wrong.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Children from same-sex, non-binary and trans parents fare as well as […] those from “traditional” families

    On average, then, this lot over here is the same as that lot over there.

    But that’s not what it says, it adds and sometimes better than between the square brackets so that the weird upbringing has better outcomes on average than the normal.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    They have been described as more tolerant of diversity and more nurturing towards younger children than children of heterosexual parents.

    The same was true of youngsters during the Blitz: it’s the strength which comes from adversity.

  6. BiND,

    Pre-conceived science, the conclusions precede the manufacture of the research data. With social science research, there are any number of reasons to justify why inconvenient data should be excluded.

  7. On the whole with children you get out what God put in. I expect you’d need to use extreme methods of bringing them up for nurture to become anywhere near as important as nature.

    There’s even an argument that, ignoring extreme cases, the most important thing a parent can do is try to influence their choice of “peer group” which I think is probably American for friends or schoolmates.

  8. “Researchers analysed 16 out of 34 studies . . .
    . . .
    The results of the other 18 studies showed . . .”

    Is it explained in the firewalled article why some of the 34 studies were analysed for one thing and the others for something else?

  9. “ same-sex, non-binary and trans parents”

    So they’ve lumped three groups together? Would be interesting to see the differences.

  10. Agree wealth distribution would be interesting, the gay men adopting and having surrogates will tend to be the more well off and social status/wealth are large factors

    Peer group is also critical, kids having issues are sent to a ‘special school/unit’ where they meet kids how are even worse than them, it would be nice if it scared them into doing better, but often they get dragged down further. What’s interesting is that the trans group are being pandered to for the most part and not being shipped off to where they can’t bother the mainstream schools

  11. “what is the distribution of gay, hetero, non-binary […] among children in gay, hetero, non-binary and all that families?”

    In the search for the “contagious/genetic” factor over the ages ( yes, there’s been several..) there’s an answer as far as a transmissible genetic/fevelopmental factors is concerned: Not a shred of difference in distribution compared to mating two random strangers.

    All data to date, even with the best of modern analytical tools, there hasn’t even been a hint of a gene/allele, or group/cascade of genes that can be pointed at as the physical cause of homosexual behaviour.
    Hints about how this physcically works in the brain, yes. But not a shred of even a suggestion that this is caused by a genetic “defect”.

    So far, it looks like the whole thing, along with true “transgenderism” is part of a group of basic behavioural patterns that are either non-lethal “assembly line/construction defects” or “permissible outcomes” ( at the end of the bell curve, but still..) of the neural networks controlling sexual fixation setting up during fetal development.

    So the “Nature” bit? If there even is an elevated chance it’s so small it doesn’t come up above the background noise.
    With a decent chance it’s actually built in random chance where choice of partner has absolutely no relevance.

  12. Every single gay couple I’ve known or heard about who adopted kids ended up divorcing and fighting over custody.

    There are some who legitimately want to have an otherwise normal family. But there’s a huge chunk who use these children as pawns to make a political point. Even on a biological level, there is less of a commitment when both of them haven’t gone through the whole process of making and developing their own children. Only one of them can, at best.

    One thing I’ve wondered, is if a gay male couple would ever share a household with a lesbian couple, to ensure their children would have both male and female parents. That’s one scenario that might actually be more beneficial than a traditional family.

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