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Now here’s a decision

She had only taken up snooker to improve her billiards

3 thoughts on “Now here’s a decision”

  1. In our final year at school we had plenty of “free study periods”. We were also exempt school uniforms. So a few of us spent time in a snooker hall (though I don’t remember succeeding at buying beer). I don’t remember that any of us became any good at snooker, either.

    The idea of a “free study period” baffled me. Obviously the periods should be used for socialising, since study is a solitary activity that could be pursued at home or in the public library in the evenings and at weekends. I also used some for rugby with younger pupils on the agreement that I was not to barge my way through sixteen year old tacklers. And for cricket too.

  2. “In our final year at school we had plenty of “free study periods”.”

    I remember in my final year at 6th form on a Friday I went in and had one lesson first thing, and the rest of my day was ‘study periods’, which were spent largely in the common room playing cards and pool and reading the daily papers (we didn’t have a snooker table). For this my parents were paying probably £2k per term…..

  3. Nope, not recognising this. 4 A levels plus two compulsory “options”: 35 periods a week of which 3 were free but supervised silent study.

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