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Now here’s something that would be funny

The Guardian says sorry for slavery links and sets up £10m reparation fund
Guardian owner The Scott Trust to launch 10-year programme of ‘restorative justice’

OK, blah, blah, idiocy etc.

Now I would find a possible next stage to be very amusing indeed. Let’s say that Nesrine Malik – currently the opinion writer on The G most involved with slavery and reparations etc- gets picked as part of this new project. Could happen.

But Nesrine is Sudanese. Where, you know, slavery expeditions were being run in the 1980s, in fact later than that. Arab militias (the Janjaweed?) would raid into Dhofar to collect black slaves. And wouldn’t it be fun if some of that extended Malik family were involved? Myself I’d scream with laughter.

And if I was at The G right now I’d be doing an awful lot of research into that extended family. An awful awful lot.

7 thoughts on “Now here’s something that would be funny”

  1. …didn’t Nesrine Malik commit suicide when he found that out?…

    Don’t tell me young Nesrine has transitioned? Let me just check his pronouns….


  2. Sorry Davidsb, I always forget to hang the joke sign out, but when I saw Graun I douldn’t resist it…

  3. “But Nesrine is Sudanese. ”

    And General CharlesGordon stamped out slavery in that benighted land 150 years ago.

  4. It’s ironic how the Grauniad is so anti-slavery and pro man made global warming that their means of funding and continued existence are because of both slavery and fossil fuels.

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