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Oh Aye Mr Daszak?

“This is incorrect. Experiments at WIV involved bat coronaviruses related to the original SARS-CoV, not SARS-CoV-2, and there is no evidence that any lab in the world had a virus genetically close enough to SARS-CoV-2 that is could be manipulated to become that virus.”

The Wuhan lab wiped its database of virii…..that dbase being where any evidence would be

12 thoughts on “Oh Aye Mr Daszak?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    the British zoologist whose company funded Wuhan researchers has said.

    Oh, right, no conflict of interest there, then.

    When I was a kid it was drummed in to us that you can be forgiven anything except lying because once you’ve been caught out in a lie nobody will ever trust you again. And that applies equally to noble lies.

    It seems that this message didn’t get through to quite a lot of people, or perhaps they conveniently forget in when they get in to positions of power and authority.

    Whatever the reason, they’ve been caught out in too many lies during Covid for us ever to believe them again and there’s no way we will ever take their word again for anything on that subject again.

  2. Having resisted conspiracy theories for half a century, I’m finding it hard not to muse on the COVID lunacy as a trial run to see how the peasants would react to the tightening of the screw over the Global Warming lunacy.

  3. This lying cunt ought to be in a dark room being waterboarded somewhere. The fact that he isn’t suggests TPTB already know exactly what went on.

  4. Grist +1

    This is a great story about the corruption of The Lancet, the abandonment of the scientific method, the pernicious power of big pharma money, and the dereliction of duty of our media.

    Note, the original Pfizer jab – which contains the mRNA instructions to get the body to create the now long extinct Wuhan strain spike protein – has just been approved for injection into American babies four times before they reach the age of one (not to mention the multiple other exposures created by their mothers also being multiply injected with a product which remains under emergency use authorisation, has still not completed its trials, and for which there is literally no longer term data on the effects).

    They know these jabs kill an unknown number of recipients, and that they can do no good whatsoever to children of this age; this is murder, essentially.

  5. It was called SARS CoV 2 after it had been identified because it was a modified version of SARS CoV, just as SARS CoV 1 was so called because it was a modification of SARS CoV.

    Nobody now disputes the Wuhan lab was experimenting with genetic modification of coronavirus – so-called gain of function. It is likely CoV 2 was an articulacy created variant of CoV.

  6. The WHO has shown itself to be utterly corrupt, an instrument for hiding the crimes of the Chinese and big Pharma.
    Yet it is proposed to treble its budget and give it mandatory powers to lock down the world when the “next pandemic” hits.
    Pandemic, my arse. Most of the harm from covid was done by the doctors and co morbidities not the virus.
    SARS, swine flu, H1N1 etc have all been a bust in terms of mortality. Even the “Spanish” flu was iatrogenic. (Aspirin was the new wonder drug, dispensed in enormous quantities.)
    Pandemics only kill large numbers where the population is immunologically naive (smallpox in America, bubonic plague in Europe) or compromised (tuberculosis anywhere). Healthy people ten to survive new viruses; we’ve several hundred thousand years of proof of this.

  7. Yes, mr. ballsack Daszak.

    It wasn’t that lab, it was a new natural strain. Sure.

    Now.. Pray tell, explain to us how it is possible that the search for the Natural Source, which did happen with Great Effort, and with an uncharacteristically relatively unobstructive attitude by the chinese, failed to find the intermediate mutations/incorporations leading to the specific virus that did the rounds.

    The root virus has been identified with a decent level of confidence, but all the intermediate changes cannot be found in the wild. While there should be stuff we’d have found by now if there was a natural source.
    And it’s not as if we can’t… This type of backchecking has been done for SARS, SARS/Cov1, Ebola, Monkeypox, yearly for “bird”flu to see what we can sort-of expect for the near future, etc..
    It’s not as if the science and methodology behind this is Esoteric Knowledge. It’s bit of an industry in and of itself, really.

    Yet all those proven methods (medical) science relies upon to have a shot at using that muddy crystal ball to hopefully spot a dangerous trend in the micro stuff that likes to prey on us has found nothing in the way of a “paper trail” that can be used to track the development of a Nasty in the Wild.
    Even if it is After The Fact..

    Just take the hit and admit that peeps buggered up. This is getting tedious, and will only increase the inevitable backlash.

  8. @dearieme – yep, I’m a long term subscriber to that chap’s substack.I first came across him when he was writing about the smallpox vaccine rebellion in (I think) Leicester, of all places.

  9. Addendum to my post above:

    My beef is not with what is published about the Spike.
    Magnificent bit of minimum-space natural engineering, which is meant to mutate fast and dirty, and damn the results.

    The lack of backtrail is for the other 10 proteins coded for in the virus genome, some of which are, by necessity, being structural, highly conservative. And should be easily traced.

    Sort of the same for the “helper proteins” encoded with the virus. those are highly specific to the host’s internal processes. Conservative in the sense that you can’t muck about with them much, because they’re host-specific.
    When it comes to these there’s a dearth of information, even though due to their nature they should have provided a hint as to the source.

    Things just don’t add up.

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