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On main roads, eh?

All major roads in five of London’s inner London boroughs will be turned into 20mph zones under new Transport for London (TfL) plans.

TfL-run roads in Camden, Islington, Hackney, Haringey and Tower Hamlets – representing 18 miles of road – will all have their speed limits reduced from Friday.

The rollout of new 20mph zones come as part of Sadiq Khan’s Vision Zero plan, which aims to end death and serious injury on London’s roads.

Well, at least we know he’s not going to install speed bumps on the M25. He’d not want to increase traffic speeds by that much.

15 thoughts on “On main roads, eh?”

  1. @Sam

    I think Vision Zero refers to the amount of economic activity

    Cant imagine how difficult it is to get a tradesman in London these days

  2. No doubt this will upset everybody here, but it’s not such a bad idea.
    Given you have the volume of traffic in the first place – when I was doing it, it used to take me about an hour to drive across 10 miles of London to get to work – it may well make travel faster. The town I live is now all a 30kmh zone. Before, traffic sped between the choke points & then congregated around them. Between choke points, it was harder to enter the traffic flow from side roads, they became they’re own choke points. Now the traffic’s evenly distributed across the town, it moves more evenly & quicker.
    It’s the opposite on our coast highway. Most dagos want to be exceeding the speed limit by at least 20km an hour. Except not all of the traffic can do that. Especially trucks doing long climbs up the sides of mountains. So you have cars doing 140/150 coming up on stretches where both the inner lanes are doing 60 to 70. The result’s that at times the entire flow’s reduced to stationary or walking speed. Sometimes for 15 kilometers. For absolutely no reason. No accidents or stoppages. Purely the result of differential speeds. Somebody brakes sharply. The drivers behind do the same but harder & eventually, someone will be braking to a halt.

  3. Incidentally, I was doing that drive to work across the introduction of both stages of the Congestion Zone Charges. Apart from the few days immediately after their introduction, they made not one jot of difference to travelling times.* I would say that with the extension to West London the average value of cars in the traffic rose distinctly for a time.

    *Difficult to assess the introduction of the first Congestion Charge Zone. In the weeks prior, so many road works were in process that were magically completed for CCZ Day …

  4. If Sad Dick Khan’t wants these 20mph zones to work, he should ban all these moped riders, the majority displaying L plates, weaving in and out of slower moving vehicles, at 40 odd mph, while delivering food orders, and showing complete disregard for the rules of the road. Perhaps It’s a cultural thing where these riders came from?

  5. BiS – my objection to this stuff is that it’ll be swiftly copied by other councils, who are still strangling the economic life out of our provincial towns and cities and eagerly looking for ideas to make people poorer.

    Lions driving Land Rover Defenders.

  6. Steve. France has pretty stiffly enforced speed limits. 50kmh within municipal boundaries & 30kph in centres. Generally observed as well. The fines are eyewatering. But they also have pretty liberal parking policies. You can park wherever it doesn’t actually cause a problem. Plus the Blue limited stay bays. You have a wheel card similar to the UK’s disabled parking thingy. Set your arrival time, leave it on the dashboard. And our town’s market square parking. First hour free, second 30 cents. Gets progressively dearer the longer you park. Pay & display.
    French towns are commercially thriving. Despite usually having the competition of the centres commercial on their outskirts with the big supermarkets & chain outlets.
    UK’s barking. Self created shithole.

  7. @Penseivat
    We have the same problem here. The motor bike & scooter fraternity who seem to think the limits don’t apply to them. And now the fucking scooters. (Believe me, you don’t need those things legalised)

  8. And now the fucking scooters [motor cars]. (Believe me, you don’t need those things legalised)

    You don’t get change without disruption. And I doubt you’ll get your way. They’re too sensible a personal transport solution for many journeys. The authoritahs don’t seem to be in a hurry to ban them as they did Segways.

  9. Simultaneously imposing a tax (ULEZ) to drive on all London’s roads supposedly in the name of ‘cleaner air’, while at the same time imposing an arbitrary speed limit that causes cars cars to run much less efficiently and therefore pollute more. Joined-up thinking.

  10. They redeveloped an old industrial area near me which is very nice but there is no parking, it’s deliberately done to encourage people to use transit, if I’m commuting through there I might pop in but on weekends never go there

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