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One of those phrases that just doesn’t work

FPTP benefits an overwhelmingly male status quo and forces parties to abandon debate and diversity in favour of lowest common denominator politics.

But the very aim of democracy is to do those things the lowest common denominator – the majority – want done….

16 thoughts on “One of those phrases that just doesn’t work”

  1. There is some hope though: many of the guiding lights of the UK’s progressive movement are women – Caroline Lucas, Layla Moran and Nadia Whittome, to name a few.


  2. “is to do those things the lowest common denominator – the majority – want done…”.

    Unfortunately, the majority you are referring to are the politicians……

  3. I’d have wished for a bit more debate and diversity about covid policy myself.
    I’d like to see more diversity in the debate about net zero too.
    But I doubt that PR or ATV would supply it.

  4. I used to be fairly contemptuous of the term “progressive” but it is handy shorthand for “thick as mince and bordering on the criminally insane”…

  5. OK.. Wimmin’s day , so all stops get pulled all day… It was ….masochistic fun… reading all the Cringe.

    But the bint doesn’t even understand that the real power struggle happens well before the votes get cast, regardless of the voting system.
    FPTP about which constituency you get assigned, PR how high up the list you appear.

    Wrong tree you’re barking at, dear…

  6. But the bint doesn’t even understand

    He is worse than a feminist, he is – Allah forgive me – a male feminist.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    FPTP: Deals done in smoke filled rooms before the election.

    PR: Deals done in smoked filled rooms after the elections.

    In the latter parties have a ready excuse for dumping election policies, at least in the former manifesto’s may not be legally binding but we can at least hold the governing party responsible.

  8. What bothers me most about FPTP opponents is that their alternative systems are always really rubbish.

    Let’s assume you want a proportional result. This is easily achieved by giving MPs multiple votes: each shall have the votes they actually receive.

    Any party with too few representatives for their vote share gets extras from their leading unelected candidates. Votes for losers get evenly distributed among their party’s MPs regionally, or else nationally.

    Still has all the problems of a proportional system, but it’s miles better than horrors like STV.

  9. Not even a trans woman Steve??

    Though I must admit that once when I was voting I saw that the recommended list put the Greens about THIRD LAST!!!!

    You can imagine my horror. I had to get a new ballot paper to make sure they were placed last as God intended.

  10. Steve: Bint. Combines all the Bad Blonde Jokes with the whoring out of a slapper.
    At least, that was the useage in the places on the Isle where I hung out.

    Unless you can educate me in providing a male equivalent. Always willing to learn in the Bad Word department.. 😉

  11. “Abandon debate’

    That’ll be the same people who refuse to debate the death penalty (and lots of other policies they consider beyond the pale) then…….

  12. I always enjoy it when ignoramuses shout about a “lowest common denominator” under the illusion that LCDs are small numbers. It’s Highest Common Factors that are low numbers, just as we were all assured in primary school.

  13. @ Adolff
    No, the majority (of adults, the enfranchised part of the population) are females. Politicians are a minority, *elected* politicians a relatively tiny minority.
    The article referenced makes a series of specious comments in order to avoid having to admit that a valuable minority of women choose to vote for a good male candidate rather than a bad female candidate. (You can add “Relatively” before “good” and/or “bad” if you like). Some women disobey the feminazi party line! Unthinkable!

  14. @JK277 – “What bothers me most about FPTP opponents is that their alternative systems are always really rubbish.”

    The alternatives are rubbish, but some are less rubbish that FPTP, which is quite bad really. STV gives voters much more influence over policies because they can vote for a candidate without worrying they have wasted their vote. The goal is not to achieve proportionality of elected candidates, but that is a symptom of the right result, which is proportionality of opinions.

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