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Ooooh, excellent

The BBC is bust.

Super, so abolish the licence fee. After all, we’re just heard it from the Dick ‘Tater himself.

7 thoughts on “Ooooh, excellent”

  1. So the so called tax justice champion is now supporting a tax dodger . Lineker had to repay nearly £5 million in 2012 and also dodged stamp duty on the sale of his barbados property. He’s currently being pursued by hmrc for nearly £7 million in tax and national insurance.
    Obviously the potatoes principles and so called reason for existing as a campaigner have disappeared , probably because of the impending imposition of fascism by the uk government. LOL. You couldn’t make this shit up.

  2. He’s utterly batshit. Has anybody ever spouted the word fascist so much in a day? Heaven help the Ely coffee shop workers if his coffee is cold.

    I don’t think anybody who poses as a professor and wannabe great thinker can seriously be this mad.

    I’m guessing it’s some lame google play, someone told him to write fascist every sentence

  3. It’s a matter of exasperation to me that the Tories don’t indulge the crazy and use it. They want to allow their employees and contractors to be politically active in contravention of their contracts? No problem, take away the licence fee!

  4. The excellent Boddicker

    He’s utterly batshit. Has anybody ever spouted the word fascist so much in a day? Heaven help the Ely coffee shop workers if his coffee is cold.

    Yes – his mental faculties have been in question for many years. I lived next door to a Leftist (former Don at Birmingham) who looked after another elderly person with Parkinson’s and said he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy. I’d wish it on Murphy and much more given the direct threat he poses to me and may family.

    He was famously banned from every pub participating in the Pubwatch scheme in Downham Market for arguing with the landlord on one occasion.

    Additionally he famously rejected a job with the Labour Party under Corbyn/ McDonnell as they would not appoint him chief advisor.

    He’s a delusional and extremely dangerous man with a penchant for picking fights

  5. I bet you thought the row about Lineker and Nazi comments was limited to the BBC and its sports presenters.

    However, the inference from the paranoid Potato’s latest blog title is that this event is or will become, ultimately, all about Richard Murphy. Not the first time he has assumed he’s on some sort of target list, and by coincidence echoes another personal Nazi experience from his Dachau visit.

    “First they came for Gary Lineker
    But the good thing is that the fight against fascism is in the open. That does not mean it will be won. But it is now clear that it is required. And that is this weekend’s good news. Right has to prevail now. We can only hope it will.”

    He’s become so demented it would not surprise if he did a daily sweep of his unimpressive end-terrace for bugs, or checked for Reds under the bed before retiring.

  6. he’s thinks he’s an enemy of the state, but he’s actually an enemy of the people(but not in the Ibsen sense) The only list he’s on is of people to avoid.

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