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Race and covid

Well, sorta:

When I describe what happened to my family, a lot of people respond sympathetically saying what “terrible luck” we’ve had. But when you look at the context in which my dad’s death took place, terrible luck becomes something much more sinister. New data from the Office for National Statistics has shown again that as a non-white person, my dad was significantly more likely to die from Covid-19. His death and the deaths of so many others from “minority” ethnic groups were the result of consistent and incontrovertible failures within government, and apathy towards the communities most affected by the virus. This apathy has unfortunately extended into the way the inquiry itself has been conducted.

In those results:

During this period, the rate of death involving COVID-19 was highest for the Bangladeshi ethnic group (5.0 times greater than the White British group for males, and 4.5 times greater for females), followed by the Pakistani (3.1 for males, 2.6 for females) and Black African (2.4 for males, 1.7 for females) ethnic groups.



Location, measures of disadvantage, occupation, living arrangements, pre-existing health conditions and vaccination status accounted for a large proportion of the excess rate of death involving COVID-19 in most ethnic minority groups; however, the Bangladeshi ethnic group and men from the Pakistani ethnic group remained at higher risk than White British people in the third wave, even after adjusting for vaccination status.

Males and females of Black Caribbean and Black African background were at elevated risk in the third wave after adjusting for location, measures of disadvantage, occupation, living arrangements, pre-existing health conditions; after also adjusting for vaccination status, there was no evidence that the risk was greater than for the White British ethnic group.

So, it was socioeconomic status, not race, that was the determinant.

Sadly, the inquiry is refusing to look at the issue of structural racism,

That’s the very thing that has already been looked at in those numbers.

What does anyone expect to happen? Recent immigrants to have the same socioeconomic status as indigenes? Higher? What?

20 thoughts on “Race and covid”

  1. …apathy towards the communities most affected by the virus…

    Eh? Did I imagine the Lockdowns, authoritarianism, propaganda, chaining up of playgrounds, and harassment of people engaging in murderous behaviour like drinking coffee?

    Are there any actual policy changes they’d like to have seen? Other than stealing other people’s money, that is.

  2. as a non-white person, my dad was significantly more likely to die from Covid-19

    So whites win again?

  3. So when one considers white immigrants to Malaysia, Bangladesh, Africa etc in the 19th century, they seem to have had much higher death rates than the locals.

    I’m sure the lady is just begging for the opportunity to lavish reparations on present day whites for this hideous racism.

  4. I suspect that vitamin D status would give a much better idea that these immigrants were more susceptible to covid than any amount of socioeconomic. *

  5. Theres unfortunately too many muslims in the town where i live. During lockdown it didn’t seem to affect this group and you’d often see them in their usual goups on the street and in various shops. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  6. Wasn’t part of the disparity that they insisted on attending mosques or other gatherings associated with Islam even though gatherings were specifically banned at that time? And likely the authorities didn’t enforce because of actual racism (or specifically religious discrimination in favour of Islam) – we see it in the recent furore in Wakefield – Sharia courts continue to exert a parallel influence despite most people not wanting them to.

    As JK 277 points out the entire population was subjected to the single greatest act of criminality in recorded history – not quite sure what she wants beyond some kind of restitution simply by virtue of not being white. I fear for these grifters ultimately life at the top of the totem pole gets slippery and at some point they will become victims of real discrimination – they might not be so keen to manufacture it then.

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    Vitamin D, higher rate of diabetes, and a couple of other comorbities (which I can’t remember and no longer have access to the source docs) that impacted South Asian and some (but not all) black populations. IIRC, Afro-Caribbean and USA were more impacted than more recent arrivals from Africa.

  8. He/she who plays the race card is in the wrong.

    Not quite a universal truth but a sound generalisation.

    I still laugh at the memory of the foolish Indian woman from Churchill College who thought that the porters should address her as “Dr” when she strolled into King’s. She must have felt she had a nimbus.

  9. Recent arrivals that have a higher social status than indigenes are not immigrants, they’re conquerors. Has this person never actually looked out of the window and observed reality?

  10. I sneeze in threes

    Interesting that the Bangladeshis are crushing it in the Neanderthal gene Covid advantage stakes. Unless I’ve misunderstood or the research has been debunked.

    “The highest carrier frequency occurs in Bangladesh, where more than half the population (63%) carries at least one copy of the Neanderthal risk haplotype and 13% is homozygous for the haplotype”

  11. It will be interesting to see whether some racial minorities turn out to be more susceptible to severe or fatal side effects from the mRNA jabs.
    Or perhaps the neanderthal genes will protect them.

  12. Hereward,
    You beat me too it. Specifically D3.
    Convinced it is a contributor to higher incidence of Covid among darker skinned races in Kiwiland and throughout the South Pacific – leaving aside those shut up in ‘rest homes’ away from the sun.

  13. “Wasn’t part of the disparity that they insisted on attending mosques or other gatherings associated with Islam even though gatherings were specifically banned at that time?”

    Not just Islam… The more literal/fanatic Christian congregations insisted on the same, with the same “It’s up to God, don’t infringe etc.” attitude.
    And did have higher infection, illness, and death rates, doubly so because they as well refused to vaccinate.

    They’d actually make a good control group when wrangling statistics, but of course that bit of their Private Life is Verboten to use, because..

    I do find the claims of CoVid being “racist” hilarious, though.
    The virus doesn’t care. It can’t even think. It is literally following the Will of Gaia. Because it can’t do anything else.
    So any consideration of race into that equation comes down to Gaia herself stacking the deck.. Wouldn’t surprise me, knowing her for the uncaring Biatch she is, but still.. Not The Virus.

    Any government measures taken, well-intentioned, stupid, evil, etc., were universal and mandatory.
    The only exceptions that were possible were to allow for the sensitivities/culture of certain minorities.
    Which, besides being stupid, can hardly be called “racist”, can it?

    Which just leaves personal responsibility when dealing with Something Bad. Which does include lifestyle/preparedness in combination with, and realisation of, that potentially stacked deck Gaia may have given you.
    But taking personal responsibility for life choices is hard, and not for the Weak….
    Much easier to blame everything plus dog on Evil Wipipo, no?

  14. @Dearieme That is why you take anything in Wikipedia with a couple grains of salt.
    Not exactly a new issue….

  15. Grikath
    It made no difference in the end.
    Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn refused to kowtow to the Mayor’s lockdown edict. They experienced heightened mortality in the first wave (an elderly and much respected rabbi died).
    When the mayor threatened to send in the NYPD they said OK, instead of 1,500 crammed in the temple we’ll do two services of 750. (Some rule or other)

    Upshot of all this, Hasidic Jews are rarely vaccinated, refused lockdowns and all the other BS, and their mortality rates are pretty much exactly the same as everyone else’s in their neighbourhood.

    So it’s a wash. We (our governors) did a lot of bad stuff for zero result.

  16. Canada led the world in arrests of religious leaders during the pandemic, Trudeau did say he wanted to be more like China

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