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Relax everybody

Britain’s startup ecosystem dominates VC funding but it boasts one of Europe’s worst gender pay gaps, new report shows

European startups pay women 81 cents for every euro they pay to men on average as the lack of representation in senior roles continues to reinforce the sector’s reputation as a boys’ club, new data show.
The industry has an unadjusted gender pay gap of 19%, which takes the salaries of startup staffers into account regardless of their location, seniority, or role, according to a new report from compensation analysis platform Figures and 50inTech. The report draws on 75,000 data points across Europe from February 2023.
When the salary data was adjusted to compare men and women who held similar roles, the average gap shrunk to 1.6%,

A rounding error then.

13 thoughts on “Relax everybody”

  1. I’m guessing that more men found startups than women and few will choose to pay their staff more than themselves. If so it’s pretty much guaranteed that men will be in the top paid roles.

  2. “Regardless of location, seniority or role”. So a start-up with a couple of guys and a PA should be paying them all the same?

    Utterly pointless as a form of analysis but perfect for those pushing a false narrative.

  3. Oh original author, let me write that last sentence in English for you, you illiterate lout.

    When the salary data WERE adjusted to compare men WITH women who held similar JOBS, the average gap SHRANK to 1.6%.

  4. Trick with no sleeve

    The word “data” is not a mass noun. It is the plural of the word “datum”. I.e. it has good Latin roots, such as “referendum” and “referenda”.

  5. TWNS

    No… There is masses on all of this (just one example):

    and lots of other links mostly saying similar.

    DM obviously is not technically wrong but then again nor is the girl in the article above. As I pitched, a couple of moons back – “academia and science” (where the old grammar/style still prevails/is pendantically correct) versus all other now modern usage.

    Agenda? It’s the same….. No one (at all, at least in the real world) still says “the agenda are attached at…”

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The More or Less team went down the rabbit hole of data is/are and the upshot was modern usage, who cares. Also, the FT has changed its style guide to modern usage from indifferent.

    This one is consigned to pendant’s corner so we can expect some strong bickering here 🙂

  7. Dunno. Given the commonness of my butchering of the language that might be one of those things we don’t do pedantry upon…..

  8. If it’s multiple datums, then yes it is plural. But if i’s a collection of items, then it’s a mass noun as with any other mass noun, and mass nouns take singular form. cf Parliament is and Parliament are, the team is and the team are, the government is corrupt and the government are a bunch of bastards, etc.

  9. Ignoring the linguistic spat (and as a statistician I say “what is the data”), the underlying agenda is so mind-bogglingly clear I feel unable to sugar-coat it. But they keep on milking it, don’t they?
    I think we should give them rice until they water-down their unjustifiably strong conclusions.

  10. Mr Worstall

    Given the commonness of my butchering of the language that might be one of those things we don’t do pedantry upon…..

    Given the commonness of my butchering of the language that might be one of those things upon which we don’t do pedantry…


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