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Retauranteur wants office work


A billionaire businessman has warned that working from home is holding the UK economy back.

Richard Caring, a former clothing retail supplier who owns a number of Mayfair establishments such as Annabel’s, Scott’s and Sexy Fish, told The Telegraph Luxury magazine that the UK had “gone too far” when it came to flexible working and that this was holding the economy back.

Speaking ahead of the opening of the latest addition to his hospitality stable, Apollo’s Muse members’ club, he said: “I understand and respect the people who need to work from home, but as for those that don’t need to and just do it because it suits them?”

As to that last, yes. Everyone should be doing what suits them you blithering fool.

4 thoughts on “Retauranteur wants office work”

  1. “that this was holding the economy back”

    The whole point is that it’s economic. I reckon all things considered that I save £35/day not going to Reading. And that’s without counting my time. That’s economically productive.

    That means more money in my pocket to spend on things I want, like Barolo and Romanian whores rather than overpaid communist cunts in the RMT.

  2. One of my nieces works from home. Though she has to go in to the office occasionally.

    She seems happy.

  3. I used to use Annabel’s on occasion. I didn’t get the impression people who went there actually worked. Or if they did, it was astoundingly flexibly. It’s about the last place I would expect has been affected by WFH.

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