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That Iranian lithium find, I wrote about it at the ASI. To gain a comment from a pissed off Iranian. Just fun how this all happened just as I’d been told about my emergence as an internationally best selling author:

“Tim Worst, what is your problem? Why so jealous of Persian’s windfall. British know how to steal anyway. They stole hundreds of billions worth of oil( all recorded). Iran’s Lithium finds have been confirmed by 3 credible sources and agreement for exploration has already been executed. Find a coward way to steal and then pay the price to the end of time.”

You might well not know this but I used to write for Donya-e-Eqtesad. In fact a past economics editor of that organisation spent last weekend staying with me. There’s even a book of mine published in Farsi. Currently in its second edition. Sadly, I can’t work out how to get Persian script into this software we use here at this website but you can see the book cover here:

So, my best selling book title then

You need Chapter 2 of that book which covers this point of reserves, resources and so on.

3 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. This morning I’m mostly with Ayn Rand. It wasn’t their fucking oil; they owned the goats being herded above.

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