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On the Royal Mail being threatened with administration:

Staggering, isn’t it, that something considered a universal public necessity for more than 180 years is now reduced to the risk of insolvency by being privatised.

Could it be that alongside water, electricity, gas, buses, trains and essential telecoms, the mail service needs to be nationalised to guarantee that such basic public services might continue to exist?

‘Tater’s rather missed the point about the Royal Mail. The management is threatening to do that in order to frighten the unions. Because union agreements do get torn up in administration.

It’s a declining business, things have to change, the unions won’t let the changes be implemented.

12 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Maggie’s work was never finished; the unions are still far too mighty. The problem is acute in monopoly and near-monopoly organisations e.g. the NHS, the railways, …

    Just think how the bastards closed the schools during the great pandemic panic.

  2. “Buggywhip manufacturing was once considered a necessity too….”

    Tsk. It still is Julia. I am always having to buy new ones after giving the footmen a good thrashing.

  3. I started work, many years ago, in Post Office (Telephones) when it was still part of the Civil Service. Luckily for me BT went its own way shortly thereafter. But I formed an opinion that the Post Office had a toxic management – who were trying to manage a toxic workforce.

    Despite more recent (grudging) changes I suspect the ill will on both sides continues. I’ve argued before that any organisation over 70 years old or so is likely to need winding up and starting again. The world changes and organisations need to change with it.

  4. I sneeze in threes

    It took 9 days to receive in central London a first class letter posted from central London.

  5. It took 9 days to receive in central London a first class letter posted from central London.

    Show off.

  6. Why would anyone buy a first class stamp, which is purely a marketing trick? Does anyone really believe Royal Mail carefully segregate all the second class post and store it in a shed for a day or two? All post with a valid stamp (except for registered, proof of delivery etc.) is treated the same way – i.e. slowly and poorly.

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