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So here’s a recommendation then

I know Mark, a bit. We have done radio together for more than a decade. I spoke at the IEA once, a long time ago, although the BBC arranged it. I know a little bit about him as a result, beyond that which you might pick up from the press.

I have to say that I have seen no evidence, at all, that he would add value to the House of Lords.

Given the ‘Tater’s perspicacity that makes Littlewood an absolute shoo in, doesn’t it?

Also, it’s unlikely that he’ll lower the standard of economics in a House that contains Prem Sikka. But then the same is true of my footstool too…..

9 thoughts on “So here’s a recommendation then”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Damn, originally in wrong post …

    I know Truss is following the long-standing principle of rewarding her friends, but a little bit of me is hoping that she also had in mind trolling the usual suspects.

  2. “I will never call him ‘Lord’. I sincerely hope I never have reason to do so.”

    That, ladies and gents, is the cry of a Potato in the deep anguish of envy. What might have been eh Richard, if you weren’t such an impossible and irascible sociopath?

  3. According to John Mcdonnell Murphy wanted a seat at the HofL as reward for him advising Corbyn. Credit to McDonnell he stamped on it. Furphy hypocrisy from murphy. Would point that out to him but am banned from his site.

  4. @stiv batons

    Depending on whether you can be bothered, using something like Tunnel Bear enables you to hide your Internet address and you can invent a new persona and random made up email address.

  5. In the Guardian today, they’re reporting that you can self-nominate to be in the House of Lords (Martin Lewis did it, but was turned down).


    1. Does Spud not know this? Should somebody tell him?
    2. Did Spud maybe apply and get rejected? I mean, Spud’s achievements look totally pathetic compared to Martin Lewis’s.

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