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So, my best selling book title then

Madsen Pirie did once tell me that writing books was no way to make money.

At which point, the cover of my best selling book so far:

This is the only one to make it into a second edition. The first edition was 1,000 copies – therefore sales are over 1,000 copies then.

That it’s in Farsi, that I don’t get royalties, that if I did they’d total $60 for both full print runs, irrelevances. Still my best selling book so far.


12 thoughts on “So, my best selling book title then”

  1. At least you can now be described as a ‘best selling author’ though Tim. You can add it to your resume’.

  2. No, it’s a good way to get noticed, to practice as well. But no money in it. There’s still reasonable money in journalism.

  3. After the translator mangled it and the censorship committee changed everything non-compliant with Iranian beliefs, are you sure it still represents your views? Unless you read Farsi (unlikely) there must be some lingering concern that it might more resemble one of Spud’s outpourings.

  4. My guess is ’20 Economic Fallacies’, Ducky. But since I can’t read Farsi, I’m damned if really know.

  5. Tim, you need to write a novel which has a better chance of “bringing in the sheaves”. I’ve bought all of your books written in English that I know of & I think you are a good writer. I’m a mathematician & knew little about economics until I started reading you. I’m not as smart as Stanislaw Ulam so things economic were not as trivial to me until I learned from you.

    The novel should be based on your extensive knowledge of the failures of governments, which seems timely now. Perhaps serious but there’s a lot to laugh about should you be inclined & comedy often gets points across quite nicely.

    Brgds to you, one of my favorites.

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