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So, new adventure


Writing a stock market page for a newspaper. Could work, possibly won’t. This is a test to see whether writing such little squibs (ie, 400 word pieces) will generate traffic. If traffic is generated from the search engines then that can indeed be monetised. Well, probably.

If this does indeed work then there’s a job opportunity. Not in the writing (that’s me) but in organisation. A real, paid, job that is. Something I know that I’m not good at is the nuts and bolts of just making sure that things get tracked in detail. I know who the potential advertisers are, even how to go sign up with them. But that sort of grind just doesn’t suit me. So, someone to do that physical work of signing folk up. And then tracking performance. It’s bookkeeping more than anything else. Would in fact suit a bookkeeping type.

Assuming further success then it would become a full time occupation. No programming knowledge is necessary, although an acquaintance with the idea would be useful.

So, anyone know of anyone with those sort of skills looking for work let me know.

4 thoughts on “So, new adventure”

  1. “So tedious boring work making lists. There’s a retired accountant in Ely…”

    Sadly, the Ely Solanum has a pathological hatred of anything connected with advertising, or at least advertising in the commercial sector.

  2. We’d like to see if we can help here. We’re a small IT shop with a slightly under-employed administrator. We do SQL server stuff, and offer what we think is a rather interesting service: Sign&Send – it lets people send letters by post directly form Microsoft Word. Odd, I suppose. Who wants to send letters by post these days? But it also lets you send out documents for online signature. Our prices are very much more competitive than the rather ghastly DocuSign. But, anyway, enough about us.

    We’d like to see if we can help. Drop me a line when you have a minute. Oh, and yeah, I’ve been reading your blog for years now. The general scepticism about all the bullshit du jour is most refreshing.

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