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So, try a vote here

A poisonous dictatorship has been built in Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab spring
Sihem Bensedrine
President Kais Saied’s tirade against sub-Saharan African migrants is just his latest assault on democracy

Would be interesting to ask the actual people of the country – you know, that democracy idea – what they think about the migrants.

After all, even dictators only usually propose policies they think are popular with the demos.

Entirely agreed that such policies might be against human rights, or civil liberties, or plain good manners – might, note – but doing what the majority of the people want is not in fact an assault upon democracy.

7 thoughts on “So, try a vote here”

  1. See what trouble C18th century liberals caused when they started on this “rights” bollox? Pure fantasy. There are only obligations.

  2. Tim Benzedrine. A filthy hippie who slides rapidly from amiability to frenzied shrieking at the drug-induced hallucinations crawling all over him

    From the Harvard Lampoon’s “Bored of the Ring”, not to be confused with Amazon’s “Rings of Power” although you could be forgiven for doing so.

  3. What I find depressing is the ‘identikit’ nature of these types of people – uniformly ghastly whether from Tunis or Tunbridge Wells. All equate policies they don’t like with ‘populism’. None has had an original thought in their entire adult lives and all spout the same interminable platitudes. It shows how widely the WEF and UN’s ideological propaganda has spread around the globe,.

  4. Surely the migrants don’t have the vote because they’re not citizens, so where’s the assault on democracy? They don’t have a vote to take away, so there’s no taking-away-of-votes happening.

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