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So Visting Professor is not Professor then?

A Nigerian author who claimed to be a professor at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge has lost his academic visitor status after students alleged he “fabricated” his role.

Onyeka Nwelue, a writer and filmmaker, was invited to join the African Studies Centre at Oxford as a visiting fellow for the 2021-22 academic year.
“Academic Visitors are not employed by the University, they do not get paid, and are not expected to undertake duties for the University.”

Perhaps the P³ is only a P then?

7 thoughts on “So Visting Professor is not Professor then?”

  1. Another Nigerian fraudster, although to be fair ‘African Studies’ is no more an academic discipline than theology.

  2. Afaik, academic visitors have their visas stamped with Work Not Permitted and are also not entitled to the council tax exemption that full-time students get.
    Ah, this chap appears to have an income from books and might not be in the UK on an academic visitor visa at all.

  3. I love the electronic begging bowl button he now has “Buy me a coffee!”.

    To be fair, from his somewhat bedraggled appearance in recent videos, he’d make a convincing beggar sat on the street outside Sainsbury’s with a manky spaniel on a string.

  4. I’ve been a Visiting Professor and a Visiting Fellow. It made no difference: people still called me dearie.
    But that was in saner times.

  5. “Fabricated”? How very dare you? He identifies as a professor. Celebrate him living his truth, you bigots!

  6. Well, I know Spud rarely gets anything right. But, for as long as there are universities stupid enough to give him the role of ‘visiting professor’, he is a professor. He’ll stop being one when the last role expires.

    Of course, watch him claim he’s a professor for life.

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