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Sorta depends what they learn, doesn’t it?

One of Britain’s largest charities will stop considering applications for grants so that its board members can learn about colonialism and become “truly anti-racist”.

The Tudor Trust, which has assets of nearly £300 million and awards about £20 million a year to good causes, announced this week that it was temporarily halting awarding grants to new applicants so its staff could better understand racism.

In a statement, first reported by The Times, the charity said: “Staff and trustees are still learning about racial justice, white supremacy culture and how racism exists within Tudor and the wider society in which we operate.”

But we can guess, right?

18 thoughts on “Sorta depends what they learn, doesn’t it?”

  1. No imagination. If they had provided a nice big grant for a group of black activists to do the research for them, they could have been told they are racist without stopping the awards.

  2. Maybe they are learning the race profile of Tudor England, so they can apply that to their grant awarding quotas.

  3. The words “white supremacy” are simply newspeak for “black inferiority”. That is to say finding excuses for the latter and blaming the former. It’s that simple.

    Ditto “systemic racism”, “racial justice” etc etc …..etc.

    Ask yourself one simple and basic question in ANY case of this sort: Are standards being lowered?

    Yes, then that’s all you need to know.

    As for this “charity” if a tax raid is needed (for whatever reason) why look any further?

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Tudor is moving away from its long history as a family trust and will be seeking new trustees to reflect that as the reimagining process progresses.

    The tustees need to study the original intentions of the trust as established and not imagine themselves too far away from that mandate.

  5. I’m old school. So for me you have racism or not racism.
    Calling out one sector of society as having a singular outlook used to be considered racist a hundred years ago. I remember Paul Condon, head of the Met, saying years ago that most muggers were black. Although this was in fact true, the usual suspects screamed “RACISM!” and a large cloud appeared and Condon departed shortly after.
    But in 21st Century Anti-racism it is vital that you say all whites are racist. If they dare to demur, that confirms how appallingly racist they are.
    I say that’s a black mark against their logic…

  6. Was it Robert Conquest who said: ” Any organization which is not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.” ?

    The Long March and all that.

  7. King Tutankhamen had a pair of fancy gold slippers with pictures of a Negro and a Semite on the soles so he could symbolically tread on Egypt’s racial enemies.

    They really don’t teach Advanced Racism like they used to.

  8. Being as it’s the Tudor trust they should promoting the commercial advantages of shipping blacks to Caribbean islands to harvest sugar cane & the merits of lopping the heads off of inconvenient queens

  9. Jonathon,

    “Was it Robert Conquest who said: ” Any organization which is not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.” ?”

    I think with things like charities, and it somewhat applies to companies too, once you lose the people who were around at the foundation, or knew the founders, it just loses what its there for.

    Like Oxfam started in 1942 to help the starving people of Greece under Axis occupation. Simple goal. Even when I was giving them money in the 80s and 90s I think they were still, broadly speaking either feeding people, or starting to bring people clean water. They now have language guidelines and are commenting about Welsh poverty.

  10. These twats have been on this journey of self-flagellation reflection since May 2020. How long does it take to discover that you’re a guilty white liberal?

    Workshops were held with black, Asian and other minority ethnic staff while white employees attended separate meetings.

    LOLz – they racially segregated their anti-racism programme.

    “The process to become a truly anti-racist organisation takes time and involves a complex dialogue with our staff and trustees. This process is not yet complete and as a responsible organisation we cannot commit to a date when we will accept new applications.”

    You fucking useless cunts have had three years to sort this wank but now it’s still so overwhelming you’ve got to actually indefinitely cease your basic function. You’re going to deny victims-of-racism™ their grant money so you can really, really, really check just how jolly wottenly wacist you weally are.

    I sincerely hope that the really real reason for suspending grants is that their naive, lily-white financial arses have been savagely raped by some enterprising Africans.

  11. The words “white supremacy” are simply newspeak for “black inferiority”.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that one, Mark. Next time I hear the expression “white privilege”, I’ll be using exactly that response & saying how much I agree with it.
    Funny thing is, my friend here could be described as black. And she’d agree with it. She hasn’t got a good word to say about them.

  12. I wonder how much of that £300 Million in assets will be swallowed by the time all the ‘learning’ that has to take place is finished ?

    I’m sure the people whose donations funded that £300 million will be delighted to learn how they’re hard earned is being spunked.

    Like most of these ex-charities, captured by Blair’s 3rd sector progeny and about to be sucked dry to the detriment of those deserving souls it was designed to benefit.

    Shameless Fucking vampires the lot of them.

  13. There seems to be a complaint that racism isn’t retreating fast enough, but it’s really not taking off in schools and universities so the racism we have overwhelmingly skews to the old. That could be experience or bigotry but you’ve just got to get out of the way and time will take care of it if it’s bigotry.

    It’s like the people who think greyhound racing is evil so it must be banned. I don’t know any young people who think it’s a humane sport. Do nothing and the last remaining dog tracks will close of their own accord. I think only 1 is left in Scotland and 1 left in London. Imv of course.

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