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Sure, who would doubt it in the slightest?

Humza Yousaf says trans rapist Isla Bryson should have right to self-identify as female

Isla can self-identify as anything he wishes. A woman, a dragon, a brick wall or a bag of chips. That’s not even the correct question of course – what do the rest of us have to define him as? Which isn’t self-identification, is it?

13 thoughts on “Sure, who would doubt it in the slightest?”

  1. I (obviously) have the right to call myself a cat, but I don’t expect anyone to buy me cat food or fishy treats. Nor, sadly, do I expect to be exempt from HMRC’s attention.

  2. @BiS: The Guardian is spinning it as “Banks loses 2 out of 3 points” without mentioning the fact that the third will be costly.

  3. This idea of putting Humza Useless as continuity candidate is already paying dividends in glorious ways. If only he can win through to take the leadership and the SNP will be done for.

    Like Jezza, only more so.


  4. I also wonder if Humza has even considered the rights of female prisoners who his party, and specifically former leader, was happy to leave exposed to the likes of the convicted chopper-wielding rapist formerly known as Adam Graham prior to his damascene pre-trial conversion to womanhood.

    Or does he view them the same way that many English politicians, law enforcers and social services saw and still see the Rochdale, Rotherham etc etc etc schoolgirls. Collateral damage in pursuit of a greater goal.

  5. @Mr Cat
    If I’m reading this right, he’s won on the third point because he’s lost on the two others. It was necessary to prove he’d suffered real severe reputational damage from a specific point in time. Getting the law clear on the two ensured the third. Clever lawyer.

  6. ‘Isla should self-identify as both innocent and Humza’s roommate.’

    Couldn’t have put it better, Svdgfhhf.

  7. Carole Catwoman is on Twitter saying that she won her case and this proves Banks was a Russian agent (i.e. repeating the libel). The woman is demented, but not as demented as her supporters who credulously swallow her guff.

  8. It is indeed the full right of Bryson to self-identify as female. Or, more classic amd meme-ish, Napoleon.

    Doesn’t change that other old saw: “A man is defined by his actions.” Which in his case would be mangled into : “A “woman” is defined by xer actions.” and still be true.
    And avoids the whole self-identifying lark altogether getting to the heart of the matter.

  9. I read that in Islam lieing to the non-believers is ok so does that mean he gets a free pass on saying this sort of stuff then just going to the mosque and saying the opposite while Forbes has to be clear about her beliefs and principles and how they can be reconciled when taking the role

  10. Yes @BniC – In Islam, Taqiya or Taqiyya (Arabic: تقیة taqīyah, literally “prudence, fear”) is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice.

    So Hamza Useless can mouth the usual dumb platitudes while actually believing what most Islamists believe and we’re not allowed to call him up on that bullshit as it would be Islamaphobic.

    He gets a pass as long as some cushy jobs that are the gift of the First Minister get handed out to the Islamic brothers.

    Import Pakistan; become Pakistan.

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