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Tempora, Mores

Eheu Fugaces even:

‘Arts Council hounded me for not towing line on trans issues’

You do not tow a line, you toe a line. Back when the Telegraph had subeditors – after all, you can’t rely on arts grads from Oxbridge to know how to spell, can you – they knew this.

6 thoughts on “Tempora, Mores”

  1. That sort of attitude got Glooble Worming to be accepted as fact by 98.3849% of scientists and I get the feeling that “towing” was more appropriate in that case…

  2. If you went back in time to 1997 to tell middle class Guardian reading liberals their livelihoods and potentially their freedom would one day depend on them holding the correct opinions on transvestites, would they believe you?

  3. Ah, that fine Japanese dish, Tempura Morays.

    What I want is a pair of those computer security breeches I keep reading about.

  4. Reading the article, learning about the bitter squabbles between these parasites on the public tit can only be heart-warming.

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