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That reparations suggestion

From San Francisco:

The $5 million per-person payout, guaranteed income of at least $97,000 a year for 250 years, personal debt elimination and converting public housing into condos to sell for $1.

43 thoughts on “That reparations suggestion”

  1. Bloke In Scotland

    That leaves plenty of room to negotiate downwards and still leave with a good deal. Can’t fault the tactics.

  2. “converting public housing into condos to sell for $1.”

    Don’t tell the SNP. Selling off public housing stock is bad, m’kay?

  3. Btw, anybody know why Americans stopped worshipping God, and started worshipping black people instead?

    At least we in Britain worship a higher power (the NHS)

  4. I’d say: Do It!…

    Large scale experiment in applicattion of the Law of Unintended Consequences…

  5. Thank heavens for a notional Republican Congress otherwise a multi-trillion dollar bill would be railroaded through (if you want to know what’s in the bill you have to pass the bill) with the funds used to bail-out state and city except this time would make the previous union handouts look like chicken feed.

  6. Thank heavens for a notional Republican Congress otherwise a multi-trillion dollar bill would be railroaded through (if you want to know what’s in the bill you have to pass the bill) with the funds used to bail-out state and city except this time would make the previous union handouts look like chicken feed.

  7. Despite living here, I’m with Grikath.
    If that’s what they want, let ’em have it good and hard.
    With the exception that it must be a state by state thing, not a federal thing. Then I’d have a chance to put my few groats somewhere where they could survive and keep me alive.

  8. I’ve worked for over 50 years in a well-paid profession, (and my subconsciousness has been afflicted by Attlee’s rationing so I have budgetted) and I’ve got less than £1m to fund my old age and family. So $5m *extra* on top of anything that they have earned for every working-class (or stinking rich screen actor) black San Franciscan seems “generous”

  9. Will applicants be given DNA tests (i) to rule out make-believe blacks, and (ii) to base the reparations on their %age black descent?

  10. Scott McKenzie and the Scott McKenzie Band

    If you’re going to San Francisco

    Be sure to wear some cornrows in your hair

    If you’re going to San Francisco

    You’re gonna meet some dusky people there

  11. @ Jim

    What if you identify as black?

    Sorry Jim. Not allowed by the Woken SS if you are white (or pink). It would be denounced as Ethnic appropriation.

  12. “Drug Barons will do very well out of this.”

    Precisely as Messrs. Cloward and Piven intended.

  13. All the thieves are brown (All the thieves are brown…)
    And the guys are gay (And the guys are gay…)
    You’ve been payin’ tax (You’ve been payin’ tax…)
    All your livelong day (All your lifelong day…)
    I’d be rich as fuck (I’d be rich as fu-uck…)
    If I lived by the bay (If I lived by the bay…)
    California dreamin’…but can they make you pay?

  14. People who’ve never owned slaves are expected to pay big time to people who’ve never been slaves.

    They’ve probably missed their shot for a money grab. Last year was the time to do it before the market declined, downtown SF emptied out, and California tax receipts plummeted. . This is a bit of Hail Mary, though when it fails I expect we’ll hear griping for years about how they were cheated out of their $5 million.

  15. Seems “ making them whole” would mean making them approximately equal to a middle class guy in Ghana today. On that scale the American blacks owe the whites money.

  16. Sam Vara – genuinely LOLed at that

    PJF – Austin is the Brighton of Texas, but yeah.

    The AP article, BTW, is absolutely mental and is like reading something from the Soviet Union, or an old friend who went insane during Lockdown.

    Today, fewer than 6% of San Francisco residents are Black yet they make up nearly 40% of the city’s homeless population.

    This is a damning statistic, but not for the reason the AP thinks.

    Recommendations in education include establishing an Afrocentric K-12 school in San Francisco

    First period is breakdancing on a cardboard box, followed by rapping and then Double Black Panther.

    calculations for five harms experienced by Black people, including government taking of property, housing discrimination and homelessness and mass incarceration.

    Black people should be paid money by white people to compensate for black people committing crimes.


    It’s not clear. The advisory committee that made the recommendations says it is not its job to figure out how to finance San Francisco’s atonement and repair.


    Truly, America is blessed to host such productive and grateful citizens.

  17. Canada, New Zealand and Australia are going down the same route with adoption of UNDRIP
    Canada in particular has already agreed to spend billions on direct cash compensation, though at least that’s for relatively recent issues.
    Wonder if this will end up like a class action lawsuit where the only people who really get rich are the lawyers and others paid to administer it

  18. As a pretty pure Anglo-Saxon I feel my claim against the Normans has precedence. Waiting for my cheque.

  19. I’m guessing 5 actual payouts, for the optics. Then “reinvestment in the community” for the rest of the budget.

  20. Surely America has already paid trillions in reparations, the money spent on additional welfare and affirmative action projects?

    Arguably, the US is paying for slavery in perpetuity, because slavery landed it with a black population of which 90% is useless, violent and resentful.

  21. @MC

    We’ve paid reparations possibly a few times over at this point. Keep in mind, the vast majority of ancestors of today’s Americans weren’t even in the country during either slavery or Jim Crow in the South. My great-grandparents were in the Russian Empire until 1913, and they settled in New York City. I’m sure they didn’t have the same progressive attitudes people have today, but they were too worried about their own shit as poor immigrants who didn’t speak the language, to have any issues with African-Americans. Mass immigration began in the 1870s, and we’ve had exponentially more of it annually since then. We’ve had more people being born and living in the U.S. in the past 20 years, than we ever had during or before Jim Crow or slavery.

    Most of the Afro-Caribbean people in America today are from more recent immigrants, and also have little to no connection with slavery, unless you’re talking about Columbus or some other individual from before the colonial era. In fact, most of these people in the U.S. today are coming from persecution in their own native countries, like Somalia or Haiti.

    And to add another layer of confusion, many Afro-Caribbean Americans are not 100% African descent. Over the past couple hundred years, there has been mixing with everyone from white people (even slave owners slept with slaves) to Native Americans, to Asians and Latinos. It was recently reported that one of the most militant members of the “black power” and Communist movements in the 1970s, Angela Davis, is a descendant of some people who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. By her own logic, she is more responsible for colonialism, racism and slavery than I am. We should expect her to pay for reparations before anyone remotely related to me.

    There’s simply no reason to be dwelling on reparations now. Crime reduction, economic liberation and cultural reforms in still-struggling communities, sure, but not reparations.

  22. If you’re going to hit some group up for reparations you’ve go to consider whether they can actually pay. The numbers have already been run through for San Francisco and they can’t really afford it, at least not in real money. However, if there’s anyone who owes reparations and who can afford it it’s the Norwegians with that massive sovereign wealth fund. I reckon any Scandinavian genes I have in me were probably involuntarily acquired. I’d accept $5 million as a fair settlement.

    It’d be hopeless trying to get much out of the Mongolians.

  23. I sneeze in threes

    Don’t forget to also create safe city’s where only POC are allowed to live to prevent toxic white privilege from bringing disharmony to the communities.

    Once we’ve created these new safe spaces populated by the newly enriched previously marginalised, we could set up cameras around the city to broadcast 24 hours a day (like The Truman Show) to see the rebirth of these cocs (communities of colour).

  24. If this gets passed, I’m going to relocate to San Francisco and start a dealership selling Mercs and tacky jewellery…

  25. It would he nice to see even one example of black self respect here. Just a single black figure willing to say that the whole idea of reparations – particularly for something that no living black or white can have had any experience of – is basically an insult.

    “Just give us the opportunities and we’ll do the rest”.

    Thomas Sowell maybe. Anybody else?

  26. Well it’s good to see the blacks firmly on the side of the white man in this. The vast majority of murders of blacks are done by blacks so every black body bleeding out in the gutter is $5m off the reparations bill. Let’s here it for the Boyz fro’ de Hood!

  27. “Fewer than 6% of the population is black”. Say half of those can claim descent from American slaves. Population is 815,000. So 3% is 25,000 roughly, times 5 million is 125 billion. Add another 2 million each to fund a 97,000 p/a annuity, and I get to 175 billion. Current SF city budget is 14 billion. This is performance art, not politics.

  28. Napsjam… You know that every single jobsworth is going to be “African-Descended” suddenly, and they all have been living in Frisco forever since last week, or are descended from people that lived in the area way back when…

    There’s perks, the rats come a-running with a bucket..

  29. And suddenly all the oligarchs in the USA will find they have *some* black slave blood in their ancestry and so should be excused any taxes for reparations.

  30. PJF

    Luckily, I live in Texas, not Austin (though it’s nearby).
    Austin under Adler was a growing approximation to San Francisco…

  31. Since the human race was supposed to have originated in Africa, surely every man, woman and child, black, white, pink, brown, yellow, green and purple is owed reparations.

    I suppose the little blue men will pay them.

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