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That’s not quite what he said

Trans surgery ban for children is ‘close to sinful’, says Joe Biden
US president hits out at Ron DeSantis’s plans for Florida as he calls for federal laws to protect transgender rights

He was broader, “all that stuff goin’ on” sorta comment is “close to sinful”.

But it’ll get quoted as being about surgery.

Of course, as we all know, chopping the gonads off children is the sin, that millstone awaits. Adults? Your life. Kiddies…..

9 thoughts on “That’s not quite what he said”

  1. Unless the article is misquoting him it seems exactly what he said. “All that stuff” clearly includes the ban on the surgical mutilation of children and he goes on to support his comments and say that the way to deal with it federal legislation to prevent states from protecting children.

    If that doesn’t stop the malignant old cunt from getting re-elected, the US really is doomed.

  2. If that doesn’t stop the malignant old cunt from getting re-elected, the US really is doomed.

    It’s not the opinion of voters that matters, it’s who counts the votes that counts.

    I believe Cuddly Uncle Joe Stalin (the acceptable face of mass murder) said something similar.

  3. NB – this isn’t just aimed at American children, the US government actively exports their evil perversions through the likes of USAID(S) and their petri dish of NGO’s.

    The sooner the US breaks up or breaks down, the sooner the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

  4. Since I feel that hacking off a kid’s balls and pumping female hormones into him is pretty sinful myself, I’d have to admit that both of us are indulging in a bit of moral posturing.

  5. Maybe the Dems want a supply of eunuchs for their Imperial Court – lots of Empires have taken that route in the past.

    I have occasionally forecast the return of slavery but the return of mass castration had escaped my imagination. What next?

  6. Nice suggestion dearieme!! I suppose the Imperial West can be reasonably be claimed to be in its Late Byzantine state of decay.

  7. I just listened to that speech. The “almost sinful” line is in the middle of a long diatribe about Florida denying trans rights. And it is aimed straight at children.

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