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The Guardian and numbers

Last week, Warren unveiled legislation that would repeal that law and raise “stress-tests” on “too big to fail” banks from $50bn to $250bn.

No, Warren is arguing for lowering the level at which the stress tests get applied from $250b to $50b.

Just can’t trust anything about numbers in The Guardian

8 thoughts on “The Guardian and numbers”

  1. Just can’t trust anything about numbers in The Guardian

    Well, being numerate is elitism or colonialism or the wrong gender or something.

  2. TMB
    Because they are more deserving than the rest of the press.
    Every opportunity to flag up the stupidity and hypocrisy of The Graun must be taken.

  3. What difference does it make? (HT Morrissey) The large banks that are failing passed their stress tests with flying colours, so why bother stress testing smaller banks?

  4. I believe the current stress tests check for a 200bp rise in interest rates and SVB would have passed this test. Just unfortunate it was a 400bp interest rate rise I guess.

  5. being numerate is … cultural appropriation from the ancient Hindoos. It’s their numbers we use.

    (I take it that it’s much harder to be numerate in whatever the ancient Greeks used. But maybe not – maybe the people in the market, and the people building houses and ships, did just fine. Or the astronomy: how the devil did they cope without decent numerals or trigonometry?)

  6. The number was 50, raised to 250 because it was driving small and regional banks out of business. Warren now wants to revert to the 50. She still wants to drive small and regional banks out of business. The large banks are easier to control and shakedown.

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