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The joyous arrogance

Should I do a podcast with Mark Littlewood?

Only if you’re mad
No, because it gives him credibility he does not deserve

The ‘Tater proffers credibility to those he talks to by talking to them?

5 thoughts on “The joyous arrogance”

  1. Does this poll have any verification checks? Would be amusing if a long list of dead nazis and East German communists kept clicking the ‘yes’ option…

  2. The main feature that commentators on this post share is an obsession with the funding of the IEA. Mike Parr seems even more stupid than Tater. Is he a real person with a job?

  3. Diogenes

    One thing Murphy cannot do is irony. He sees nothing ironic in his donors seeking anonymity yet when the IEA’s backers want to remain anonymous it’s highly problematic.

    The ‘poll’ thing is genuinely hilarious – still, it beats the infamous ‘Venn diagrams’ that used to appear,

  4. Today’s conspiracy theory.

    Let’s look at the evidence:
    Love of Venn diagrams. Check
    Impenetrable word salads. Check
    Impossible to work with. Check
    Crazy economic theories. Check
    Accomplished nothing. Check
    Kindergarten didactic speech. Check

    Conclusion: The tater is Kamala Harris in a fat suit.

  5. “The ‘Tater proffers credibility to those he talks to by talking to them?“

    He’d make anyone sound credible in comparison.

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