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The Old Dope Peddlar defence

Doesn’t seem to work these days:

During the trial, Cashman had tried to paint himself as a harmless, local cannabis dealer who didn’t have any underworld enemies.


Jurors at Manchester Crown Court took just nine hours to find Cashman guilty of recklessly gunning down the nine-year-old inside her own home with a 0.38 calibre revolver when his bungled hit on Nee went wrong.

10 thoughts on “The Old Dope Peddlar defence”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ took just nine hours to find Cashman guilty ”

    Hardly the slam dunk prosecution they’re trying to imply.

    And last nights news was toe curling in the way they praised the community for helping the police.

  2. I see the Torygraph is trying to push the idea that the little girl’s death is the responsibility of drug users. Really? Since there’s absolutely no difficulty in obtaining drugs, it’s the failed attempt to interdict the supply chain. Prohibition kills.

  3. @BiND – yes, that struck me too – how long does the journo expect a jury to deliberate when Henry Fonda isn’t one of their number? Anyhow, if any of them are teachers that’s a whole week’s work.

  4. Judging by the Torygraph’s piece, this “trigger happy gangster” wasn’t terribly successful in his work.

  5. Reminds me of the NYT’s obituary on Bob Seger, describing him as “everyone’s favourite commie”.

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