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The response of McJock McJockie is unrecorded

Humza Yousaf claims UK Government is ‘foreign’ in final SNP leadership debate

11 thoughts on “The response of McJock McJockie is unrecorded”

  1. My father used to say we must rub along with the English else we’ll be ruled by the Glasgow Labour Party. He didn’t foresee a ScotNaz party that would adopt the moral squalor of that horrible gang.

    I repeat my proposal that the UK govt hold a referendum in Scotland, asking “Do you want your constituency to secede from the UK?” In all probability that would rid Scotland of a bit of the Glasgow conurbation and Dundee. May the Republic of Alba flourish! The rest of Scotland could busy itself building walls to keep the buggers out.

  2. Doesn’t there need to be some distinguising characteristics for the individual to harbour a sense of national identity? Perhaps something stereotypical from the front of a Scotts Porrige Oats box with a be-kilted and muscular, caber-tossing ginger bozo or at least a strong attachment to place back across generations.

    What is there to differentiate a dusky mohammedan son of the Empire living in North Britain from his innumerable homologues in the south other than a childish desite to foster imagined grievances?

  3. @dearieme The SNP are the Glasgow Labour party now, albeit with a lunatic “progressive” wing.

    I’ve been trawling through a few of the Indy sites recently and aside from the expected bile from the zoomers* there does appear to be an expection that McPlod is about to get off his fat corrupt arse and start feeling collars.

    The resignation of the heid Polis Livingston 2 years early, is not thought to be unconnected

    * seriously wondering how many are real and how many are Brigade 77

  4. I’ve been trawling through a few of the Indy sites recently and aside from the expected bile from the zoomers* there does appear to be an expection that McPlod is about to get off his fat corrupt arse and start feeling collars.

    One of the problems with the current system is that the person responsible for prosecuting Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter “The Beard” Murrell for their crimes was sat at the end of the Cabinet table as one of her ministers.

    This had led to a situation where they’d both effectively ignored formal interview by the police over the missing £600,000 for nearly 2 years, a situation that the press should be shouting from the rooftops about, yet they have been “strangely reticent” (some would say “bribed”).

    Reform to prevent further abuses certainly won’t happen under Humza Useless, who is no doubt eager to replace Sturgeon cronies with his own cronies and the forms of patronage that leader of the SNP AND First Minister provide.

    Any accusations against Humza Useless will of course be challenged as Islamophobia and the steel toe-capped boots of McPlod will be used to rigorously clamp down on any opposition.

    All of which will really count when we get to the next Scottish Parliamentary Elections and the SNP are knocked back on their ass where they belong.

  5. Am a Black Country lad that inexplicably ended up serving in three Scottish units and marrying a local quine (with five very large brothers). During the first two years of my residency I never met another Englishman, and while subject to a lot of jibing never felt an interloper. Have been tied (business and personal) to the country for over fifty years. Scotland has become a bitter and twisted cesspit and I gave up on them long ago.

  6. Bloke in Scotland

    @John Gait

    Agreed on the problem with political control over the prosecutors (I suspect a certain Mr Salmond shares that concern). It may well be internet nonesense but rumours abound that the collar feeling will be about something other than the 600k.

    And again, entirely unsubstantiated, but it may be that pissing off an old bus conductress was a very bad idea.

  7. @Bernie G & Bloke in Scotland:

    I’ve lived in Perth, Scotland since 2015 and in all that time never really encountered any negative sentiment as a foreigner (Manx/Irish), but then again I don’t go around rubbing peoples noses in “The Union” either.

    For myself, I think the Independence argument fails on the financials, especially the deficit. The old mantras about “Scotland’s Oil” being the answer to all questions barely worked in 2014 and certainly doesn’t work going forwards. Put simply, the SNP needs better answers along with better leaders and just recycling the old anti-English tropes and vehement anti-Tory jibes about Westminster isn’t going to cut it.

    If the SNP can’t govern Scotland within the bounds of the devolutionary settlement then they should call an election and let new leadership stand forward.

    Hard to see that happening under the reign of Humza Useless though.

  8. Bernie G. “Scotland has become a bitter and twisted cesspit”

    Well, they did import their prospective Kings from France… 😛

    But yeah.. I very much doubt the old scottish separatists had something like the SNP in mind when they grumbled about independence from teh ebil english occupiers…

  9. @ dearieme
    The leaping-off point for SNP was a local reaction to the long-term corruption of the Glasgow Labour Party. It’s not yet clear that the SNP is quite that corrupt
    As for racism: I first encountered it as a 5-year-old in a Primary school on the outskirts of Glasgow, being deemed “English” (although my father was mostly Welsh). I KNOW that anyone who claims that only the English (or “white Americans”) are racists are liars.

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