The rhythm section of Talking Heads

My dad was a general in the army and Tina’s dad was an admiral in the navy.

Very avant garde, even punk, eh? Not that they’re a bad rhythm section but it’s just not the formative background you quite expect. Bit like finding out Shane McGowan’s the son of an accountant/accounting clerk (he is, mate used to know the parents).

13 thoughts on “The rhythm section of Talking Heads”

  1. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

    I thought punk (and especially new wave) always pulled in a lot of nice upper middle class art school kids. i saw Toyah recently and she’s still rocking whether you want her to or not.

  2. McGowan also attended a private prep school and (briefly) Westminster School, an expensive private school in London.

  3. Isn’t teenage rebellion something you do from a position of security? Kids whose home life is already chaos and deprivation are hardly going to demand more of it.

  4. Witchie:

    The Navy are taught to march as well. Admittedly, neither admirals or generals keep up the practice all that much…

  5. I think that Witchie was probably right – have you seen sailors march? On the other hand, they did (once) have the field gun competition …

  6. He was actually in charge of the aircraft carrier in and during the Gulf of Tonkin events…..

  7. Honestly, it’s exactly what you expect – children of the well off are the ones that get the music lessons and have the freedom to develop this stuff as a career.

    Most stuff starts in a garage because you can’t do it in the parking lot of you apartment block.

  8. If you’ve ever had to row with a group of people it take more coordination and timing than marching and the outcomes are usually much more obvious if you aren’t in sync

  9. I saw Toyah in a stage production of Calamity Jane, she was very good.

    I only got to have piano lessons once I was an adult and could afford to pay for them myself.

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