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The UK needs a strong state

Guess who thinks he’ll be Fat Controller?

He believes that we need a strong state. He thinks that without it our further decline is inevitable. We need a government that protects us from abuse by the market, not one that enables it.

And once they’ve come for the market, but we did not protest, then who will protect us from the strong state?

17 thoughts on “The UK needs a strong state”

  1. Couldn’t resist it. Spud is asking if he ought to rename his blog, so I’ve suggested:

    “You like copying from successful titles of the past so how about

    “Diary of a Nonentity”

    Quite apt as you are as self unaware as Charles Pooter and just as unintentionally funny.”

  2. Re Murphy’s blog rename, I’m almost tempted to try to post with a suggestion something like this, but frankly I can’t be arsed as the cvnt ain’t worth it.

    Candida Economics, explained candidly

  3. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Possible Names:

    The Rectal View
    View From A Rectum
    Bobbing For Grants
    1,000,000 Monkeys At A Keyboard
    The Publican’s Friend
    Brother, Can You Spare A Grant?
    Knowing Everything (And Living In Ely)
    I Invented Just About Everything
    How To End Climate Change Using Only A Keyboard

  4. “Gi’s a Job” is prolly protected under BBC IP… 😉

    But yeah… the UK needs a “Strong State” : tight, lean, flexible, clearly defined mandate, not to be fucked with within that mandate, can be told to stick it where the sun don’t shine outside of it.

    What do you mean “I don’t mean it in that way”, Herr kartoffel?

  5. In the comments section on his website Triumph of The Will, suggested by “Leni Riefenstahl”, has already garnered 21 likes…

  6. 30 & counting
    It says something that none of his disciples have, in over 8 hours, recognised the reference.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    They always imagine that strong state will be commanded Toby them and their mates, never someone they hate like, say, Nigel coming in on the wave of Reform Party support. They seem incapable of learning the lessons that led to Brexit.

  8. Fux Ache, I’ve just discovered that our strong state has a “Department for Energy Security and Net Zero”.

    I suppose it’ll be abbreviated DESANZ and its pens pushers will call themselves denizens. Oh what fun.

    Clearly we need a Department of Defence and Disarmament.

  9. Good to see Pilgrim Sight Return up to his usual sycophantic best:

    “Along with the impressive morality and intellectual diligence on the site is the humility and self awareness.”

    You really couldn’t make it up!

  10. A strong state is not necessarily a big state. But certain people want more and more control over our daily lives to be passed to more and more faceless bureaucrats… what could possibly go wrong?


  11. @JR… I think he is..! Nobody with the intelligence necessary to switch a computer on would be so utterly gormless (unless they’re a “green” or a politician).

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