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There might be a WeChat channel

In one of life’s weirdnesses it looks like there might be a WeChat channel in China. Bits and pieces about stock markets, financials, economics and stuff. Awaiting the contract itself but we seem to have agreed upon a 90 day trial.

Weird how things can work out, eh?

8 thoughts on “There might be a WeChat channel”

  1. Once they’ve heard a bit of you, an hour later they’ll want some more.

    By the by, during the lockdowns two former colleagues – younger than us – were awfully kind, bringing us click and collect orders. One hails from East Asia, one from South Asia.

    And another thing. A former research student of mine – who hails from Mediterranean Europe – got a post doc post in a well known, and well thought of, American department. He was awfully disappointed. He found the lab ill equipped compared with ours. So he resigned and went off to work in a properly equipped lab. Which was in China.

  2. Be careful it doesn’t become something you rely on for money because the likelihood of Chinese “apps” being booted in the west is fairly high.

  3. Fabulous news.
    I think the population of Farsi and Bengali speakers each on their own exceeds the numbers of BBC licence payers who would pay under a voluntary system. Could be close, but this is significant reach. Well done to the translators also.

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