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This surprises how many?

However, Gemma Brennan, who says her 13-year-old daughter had to be taken to hospital after a male classmate “donkey-kicked” the door – leaving her with a large cut on her forehead – claims the unisex lavatories are an ongoing issue at the school.

“There are unisex toilets and the boys go in and take photos of the girls, kick the doors down and there are no locks on the doors so they are going over to the cubicles to take photos and videos which is a massive concern,” she said.

Boys will be boys etc. Unfortunately, the people who are surprised are those very people who are supposed to know better – the teachers. Innit glorious when faerie stories of how lovely children are overcome actual lived reality?

13 thoughts on “This surprises how many?”

  1. This isn’t a case of ‘boys will be boys’ though. This never happened at my school, not because there were no unisex toilets or smartphones, but simply because the punishment would have been severe and immediate.

    And the parents of the miscreant would have been shamed and shunned. If they ran to the media to whine they’d have been laughed out of the door.

  2. I haveto admit that it is astonishing that a professional in education could even think about this policy let alone enact it.

    It is symptomatic of a malaise that infects the whole country. The hatred those in authority in schools have for the parents and pupils must run very deep.

    Of course in my school, we had it tough. Miscreants were beaten with rubber hoses and them electocuted… Or was that Abu Ghraib ?… Difficult to tell the difference…

  3. I was expecting this to be about the USA so finding out it actually happened in Coventry was a slight surprise.

    On reflection maybe not so much.

  4. This country has gone absolutely fucking bonkers! Don’t these twattish “experts” have either the slightest fucking smidgeon of common sense, or memories of their youth??

    Christ on a bike! I’m glad that I’m old and won’t have to put up with these increasing levels of woke shite for much longer – and equally glad that I don’t have any immediate descendants who’ll have it foisted upon them.

  5. To add… “Lord of the Flies” was mandated O-Level reading when I was at school.. I know it’s a more-than-somewhat sugar-coated view of children left to go feral, but it’s at least somewhat indicative.

  6. BJ: I read Lord of the Flies as an O-Level English Literature set text too. The class gloatingly observed how much our 68-er teacher loathed it! To be fair, she did give me a heap of brownie points for the insight that Ralph’s insistence that the signal fire be kept burning without being able to remember why, might be a metaphorical reference to the nuclear scientists’ obsession with building a fission bomb having eclipsed their original moral decision to work on it as insurance against Nazi Germany getting there first.

  7. What Julia said.

    what I really don’t understand is what must ail the parents to not immdedeately remove their kids from said school as soon as this idea, especially in the “no locks” configuration, was put in place.

    Or the school board/teachers that even entertained the idea tarred, feathered, and ridden through town as a solemn warning.

    Or.. y’know… What is wrong with those parents?

  8. What is wrong with those parents?

    The biggest dividing line in education isn’t selective/comprehensive, private/public, or middle/working class. It’s between having parents who give a shit and those that don’t. (No teacher has ever disagreed when I’ve expounded this hypothesis.) It seems these parents were in the latter category.

  9. Males are toxic, dangerous rapists, so women need safe spaces to avoid their clutches.

    Let’s make it impossible for women to have privacy!

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