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But the debate around the railway accident and bank failures points to a perennial divide between Democrats, who insist that some regulation is vital to a functioning capitalism, and Republicans, who have long claimed to believe in small government.

We all believe in some regulation. The only question is which regulation and how many regulations of what activities?

5 thoughts on “Tossers”

  1. I seem to recall that 20-ish years ago the Republicans tried to impose regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but were blocked by the Dems………

  2. This article is a fascinating example of lefty thinking. The writer claims that these 2 incidents were a direct result of Trump’s slackening of regulations enacted by Saint Barack despite the warnings of Joe “Genius” Biden. He doesn’t ask why Biden did not reinstate the regulations. And then he slips in a statement that Obama’s holy writ would not have had any effect on the rail accident

    “Trump repealed several Barack Obama-era US Department of Transportation rules meant to improve rail safety, including one that required high-hazard cargo trains to use electronically controlled pneumatic brake technology by 2023. This rule would not have applied to the Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine – where roughly 5,000 residents had to evacuate for days – as it was not classified as a high-hazard cargo train.”

  3. As Greg Mankiw has already pointed the bank stress tests would have made any difference either. They didn’t test for a bond market price swoon.

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