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Umm, Cary?

Yes, we do know – and understand – that you fathered children before transition:

which has defended state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people in Europe

You do understand what chopping yer knackers off means, yes?

7 thoughts on “Umm, Cary?”

  1. As a bureaucrat, I naturally support the idea of the trannies sterilising themselves rather than we apparatchiks having to put ourselves to the bother of doing it for them.

  2. Blog et my comment. 🙁

    Anyway: state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people in Europe

    What Cary is talking about here is the requirement in law, in various European countries, that if you have a dick, you’re not a chick.

    He’s complaining that the law is evil and wrong because it takes transgenders at their word: “you’re a woman? Ok, get your ‘gender confirmation surgery’ and we’ll agree that you’re legally female.”

    However, the ECHR issued the predictable ruling you’d expect from the ECHR, five years ago. Decided that it’s against “human rights” to require that women not have cocks and balls. So I’m not sure what Cary is chuntering on about.

  3. Dunno. State sponsored sterilizaton’s not a bad option, if you’re holding back on the tarring & feathering.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    There’s a nostalgia-rich programme on telly (BBC4) called Paris Police 1905 which is worth watching just for a glimpse of a world that was not just sane but brutally so.

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