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Wait until someone who doesn’t agree tries to comment or debate

However, that is not enough reason for doing this. The real reason why I am pleased with the outcome is that many new commentators have joined debate here, making valuable new contributions. That adds to my moderation workload, but debate is good, and it has been enhanced.

10 thoughts on “Wait until someone who doesn’t agree tries to comment or debate”

  1. He’s spot on in his first post currently though.

    ‘When it comes to fascism our first duty is to stop it’

    Which is why his ideas need to be stopped at source.

  2. He’s at least correct for once. I have 4 commentators that have passed his initial censorship wall with some slight arse kicking – mandatory to join his “debate”

  3. I wonder if one could post a comment like this

    “You, “Sir”, are a repellent, fascist cvnt.”

    And also “Buy Him A Coffee”.

    What would he do?

  4. BF

    “You, “Sir”, are a fat, repellent, fascist cvnt. Would you like a splash of cream with that?”

  5. “Whatever you do don’t call a fascist a fascist: they really do not like it”
    And they’ll block you, and delete your posts…

  6. He’s really lost the plot, labelling anyone who he doesn’t agree with fascist, which seems to encompass most of the population. He’s like a parody of Rick from the young ones. No doubt if his car fails to start in the morning he goes all basil fawlty beating the car with a branch whilst yelling fascist!. I’d feel sorry for him , but I remembered that he’s a cvnt.

  7. Well played Clarisse, whoever you are…

    We should always look to expose and stand up against the bullies and fascists who suppress others and seek to impose a singularity of view. It’s surprisingly common and needs to be challenged where ever and when ever, not just on the BBC.

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