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We can all write the Salon piece on this, can’t we?

The shooter entered The Covenant School for children aged four to 12 around 10am on Monday and began “firing multiple shots”.

She was shot and killed by police roughly 14 minutes after they received a call about an active shooter at 10.13am.

Metropolitan Nashville Police identified the shooter as Audrey Hale, 28, and said she carried out a targeted attack.

The suspect left behind a manifesto that “indicates that there was going to be shootings at multiple locations, and the school was one of them,” Nashville Chief of Police John Drake told NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Mr Drake identified the suspect as a woman and referred to the assailant by female pronouns but in response to reporters’ questions, he said: “She does identify as transgender.” Whether the suspect identified as a man or woman was not made clear.

Caused by the violence against transpeople no doubt.

15 thoughts on “We can all write the Salon piece on this, can’t we?”

  1. I give up. Do they mean the fucker was a man pretending to be a woman or vice versa?

    If the former, was he still becocked and beballsed? If the latter, had he/she/it been filled up with male hormones?

  2. JuliaM – yarp, there’s no obvious Narrative boosting angle here, so they’ll probably memory hole it (just like the They/Them who shot up Club Q four months ago)

  3. Also interesting that the shooter decided against attacking another school, because that one had armed security…….I bet that little fact gets memory holed as well.

  4. What got me was that the school is K-6 in US jargon, which means the oldest pupil is 12-13 if I’ve got it right. This means the shooter seems to have been holding a grudge for more than half his/her life before acting on it.

  5. Tragedy obviously for the poor victims and their families.

    But you can always tell the facts by what isn’t reported:

    1. If shooter is white male = racism/white supremacy.
    2. If shooter is not white male = gun violence.

    Blacks shooting Blacks = gun violence.
    Old Asian men shooting Asians = white supremacy.
    Trans shooting Trans = white supremacy.

    Trans shooting children = bigoted Christians is my guess.

  6. I remember when the trope about mental illness always showed a guy who thought he was Napoleon.

    We weren’t ordered to address him as Napoleon. We could have if we wanted to, out of pity I suppose, but telling him he wasn’t really Napoleon was considered to be good for him, and was certainly not a hate crime.

    Apparently, he really WAS Napoleon.

  7. P.S. If one looks to the government numbers, being trans is safer (in the US, at least) than being straight.

  8. Body dysmorphia is a sad condition, and deserves to be addressed with sympathy. But we don’t treat anorexics by telling them they’re really fat, and offering to chop off healthy parts of their body until they reach their desired weight.

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