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We can tell who gets good pensions then

The chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) said Mr Hunt’s decision to scrap the rule, which means people must pay tax if their pension pot exceeds £1.07 million, is “essential” to persuading senior officers not to take early retirement.

And he warned that the previous system – to which Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to return – would “disincentivise officers from working longer”.
Teachers’ leaders are demanding an exemption to ensure their pension pots are not taxed under Labour’s plans, while the union representing nuclear inspectors, chief fire officers, air-traffic controllers and electrical engineers warned the party to think again.

Most of them have the size of their pit calculated under the very generous DB rules as well……

1 thought on “We can tell who gets good pensions then”

  1. Since the Conservatives are going to be hammered (I assume) at the next election they would, if they had any balls, spend their remaining term on introducing conservative policies e.g. replacing DB pensions for govt employees by DC pensions. That’d larn ’em.

    The succeeding Labour govt would be faced with finding funds to pour into those pensions. Ha, ha.

    No, it’s a pipe dream. Labour would just reinstitute DB pensions. Pity.

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