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In 2016, the agency approved the drug for use in combination with another widely used drug, misoprostol, which has become the standard “Plan C” protocol. The drug regimen terminates pregnancies successfully 99.6% of the time, with a 0.4% risk of major complications, and an associated mortality rate of less than 0.001%.

Does it work or not? A mortality rate for abortions of 0.001% would suggest not.

5 thoughts on “Weird”

  1. So one in 250 people who take this drug suffers “major complications”.
    At a guess another one in 50 suffers minor complications.
    But hey! They’re women. So fuck’em.

  2. A thought. Pregnant women are usually excluded from drug trials. So how did they evaluate the effectiveness and safety of this one? How many hamsters, monkeys and teenagers were involved?

  3. Me also PJF.

    Certainly an entertaining thought about pregnant women philip. I always understood that the restriction was supposed to protect the unborn child.

  4. Medical industry ethics:
    You can’t test drugs on pregnant women because unintentionally causing harm to an unborn baby is the most heinous, abhorrent action imaginable.
    However, if your intention is to actively kill an unborn baby, then that’s just fine and dandy, go you.

    And people wonder why I don’t like doctors…

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